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Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) transfers

Ride to and from Tel Aviv Airport with Uber. Instead of waiting for the TLV shuttle or taxi, you can request a ride directly in the app and be on your way.

Tel Aviv 7015001, Israel
+972 3-972-3333

Reserve a ride with Uber in advance at Ben Gurion International Airport

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber to Ben Gurion International Airport. Request a ride up to 30 days before your flight, at any time and on any day of the year.
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Ways to ride in the area

  • Taxi


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Pickup at Tel Aviv Airport (TLV)

Open your app to request a ride

When you’re ready, open your app to request a ride. Choose the option that suits your group size and luggage needs.

Follow directions in the app

You’ll get directions about pickup points directly in the app. Signs might also be available at the airport.

Meet your driver

Go to your assigned pickup location as specified by the app. Please note, this location may not always be at your nearest exit. If you can’t find your driver, contact them through the app.

TLV Airport tips

Ben Gurion Airport wifi

Each hall of Ben Gurion International Airport has its own complimentary wifi. Connect by selecting it from the list on your device.

Ben Gurion Airport luggage storage

If you’ve got a long stopover and don’t want to be stuck lugging your bags around with you, find one of 3 stands offering storage in Ben Gurion Airport. These even have charging stations, so you can make sure your electronics are ready to go.

Ben Gurion Airport parking

Ben Gurion International Airport offers short-term and long-term parking options to its visitors. Travelers can pay using credit cards as well as Israeli and foreign currency.

Top questions from riders

  • Yes, Uber is available at TLV Airport. Open the Uber app and enter your location, and you’ll be connected with a driver.

  • All pickup locations are subject to change, so be sure to check your Uber app for where your pickup location has been set.

  • Uber ride prices can vary depending on the number of drivers on the road, total journey distance, and demand. If you’d like an estimate for your journey, you can use Uber’s price estimation tool.

  • Usually riders are connected to a nearby driver in minutes, but pickup times may vary depending on external factors.

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Ben Gurion Airport visitor information

Named after the country’s first prime minister, Ben Gurion Airport is situated in the heart of Israel, located about 55 kilometers (34 miles) from the country’s capital, Jerusalem, and 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Tel Aviv, which is why it’s also commonly referred to as Tel Aviv Airport. Having existed before the creation of the state of Israel, Ben Gurion Airport is the primary airport for Israelis and other Middle East travelers. It’s a 25-minute ride from Tel Aviv and a 55-minute car journey from Jerusalem in ideal road and traffic conditions.

Ben Gurion Airport terminals

While Ben Gurion Airport has had 4 terminals during its years of operation, only 2 are operational today: Terminals 1 and 3.

Ben Gurion Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is the airport’s original terminal building, although it has been refurbished over the years. It primarily serves domestic flights within Israel, as well as offering banking services, a cafeteria, and public phones.

Ben Gurion Terminal 3

Opened in 2004, Terminal 3 is the newer of the 2 terminals and has become the main terminal for travelers in and out of Israel, operating the majority of international flights for visitors or citizens returning to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv Airport lounge

If you have a long stopover or arrive early at the airport, there are a number of airport lounges in Tel Aviv Airport you can use to help make your wait more comfortable. You can find premium and pay-to-stay airport lounges in Terminals 1 and 3, for a comfortable place to rest, eat, or pass the time before your flight.

Tel Aviv Airport hotels

A number of hotels are within easy reach of Ben Gurion Airport. You can get to many of them with a 15- or 20-minute Uber trip, making them perfect for short stopovers or quick trips. Accommodations in Tel Aviv are also readily accessible using Uber, with a 30-minute ride from Ben Gurion Airport to the city center in ideal driving conditions.

Ben Gurion Airport restaurants

If you’re traveling through Ben Gurion International Airport, you’ll find a number of food and drink outlets to choose from, including fast food and places to grab a quick coffee. Options include sushi, burgers, sandwiches, pastries, barbecue, and tapas.

Duty-free shops at Ben Gurion

Another option if you’re looking to pass the time are the duty-free shops in Tel Aviv Airport, many offering 24-hour access. Terminal 3’s shops feature products such as tobacco, sweets, souvenirs, electronics, and fashion. Whether you’re looking for a surprise present for the kids, noise-canceling headphones for the flight, or some spare underwear for your trip, Tel Aviv Airport will likely have it in stock.

Facilities at TLV

Whatever you’re looking for in Ben Gurion Airport, you’ll probably be able to find it. There are even nurseries for those traveling with young children, and you’ll also find changing tables, nursing chairs, and filtered water. ATMs and designated smoking areas are also located throughout the airport.

Points of interest near TLV

As the portal to both the city and financial center, Ben Gurion Airport has many attractions within easy reach. If you’ve got a few hours to spend in Tel Aviv, request a ride with Uber, hop in, and get on your way to see the sights:

  • Jaffa’s cultural center
  • Old Jaffa neighborhood
  • Yarkon Park
  • Yemenite Quarter

Find more information about Ben Gurion Airport here.

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