Community Support
Supporting the International Rescue Committee during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery

May 29 / US

Uber for Business
Show employees you care with meals for any occasion

May 28 / US

They helped move the world. Learn how they can help your team.

May 19 / Global

Naples Brush Fire

May 14 / Florida

Uber Freight
Uber Freight: the market impact of COVID-19, March-April 2020

May 13 / US

Community Support
Supporting sexual and domestic violence survivors in Arizona during COVID-19

May 12 / Arizona

Uber Freight
Trucking during the COVID-19 pandemic: helping carriers with Uber Freight load bundles

May 11 / US

Uber for Business
3 Gen Z priorities that will affect business processes in the future

May 9 / US

Uber for Business
Redefining travel policies during a global crisis

May 8 / US

Community Support
Supporting domestic violence survivors in Florida during COVID-19

May 6 / Florida

Uber Health
Uber Health donates rides to encourage plasma donation and continue to help move what matters

May 5 / US

Community Support
Supporting sexual violence survivors in Seattle during COVID-19

April 23 / US

Community Support
Moving what matters in Tampa Bay

April 17 / US

Introducing 1-833-USE-UBER, a new way to order food

April 14 / Florida

Uber Eats updates: COVID-19

April 8 / US

RT @PolicingEquity: We’re deeply moved that @uber supports CPE's work to create an equitable and just public safety system. Their donation…