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Your guide to driving with UberPool

With UberPool, riders heading in the same direction choose to share a ride. Uber finds the best route to pick up multiple riders along an UberPool trip. This means more time driving and less time waiting for your next trip request.

How UberPool works

Receive an UberPool request

When you get a request, you'll see an indicator that the passenger has selected UberPool, which means they've chosen to share their ride with other passengers.

Pick up your first rider

Drive toward the first pickup address. When you reach the pickup location, start the 2-minute countdown timer. If your passengers don’t show up within 2 minutes, you can cancel the trip and select Rider no-show in the Uber app. You can then view cancellation fee amounts for your area on the Fares section of your partner dashboard.

A rider can choose to walk to a pickup spot at a nearby corner so you can avoid unnecessary detours. If a rider has chosen to walk at pickup, you’ll see an indicator in the app.

Receive an extra UberPool request

En route to your passenger’s destination, you may get another request added to your UberPool trip. Navigation will be updated automatically, and it might send you to pick up the next rider before you drop off the first one.

Drop off riders

You should drop off riders in the order that the app displays. The order of pickups and dropoffs is based on the route and where everyone is heading. It’s possible that your second rider will get dropped off before your first rider. Once you’ve dropped off all riders, you can assign a rating to each passenger.

Some riders may have opted to walk from the dropoff location to their destination so you don’t have to go out of the way. You’ll see this indicator in the app.

UberPool earnings

How your fares are calculated

  • UberPool trip fares are calculated based on time and distance, from the first pickup of the first rider to the final dropoff of the last rider in the car.

  • On UberPool trips, you’ll earn a pickup fare for each additional pickup stop you make after the first rider. These pickup fares are applied per additional pickup spot, not per rider. Pickup flat fares vary by city. You can find yours in the Fares section of

  • UberPool fares will include applicable surge or Boost pricing. Each UberPool request will count toward your current Quest promotion.

More on earnings

Understanding the details

Viewing your UberPool earnings

You’ll see your total earnings in your pay statement and in the Earnings section of your Driver app.

To see a more detailed breakdown of each individual UberPool trip, you can go to your Earnings section in the app and tap Trips at the top of the screen.

Receiving tips

Just like any other ride option, UberPool riders are prompted with the choice to tip during their trip and after it has been completed. More rides on UberPool means more opportunities for tips.

Understanding UberPool and surge

Surge applies to UberPool trips. The surge multiple for the first UberPool rider will be applied to any additional riders on that same trip.

For example, if the first rider in the trip has a 2x surge and the second rider has a 1.5x surge, the 2x surge will apply to the entire UberPool trip, until the last rider of that trip chain is dropped off.

UberPool cancellations

The wait time for each rider is 2 minutes. After that, you can cancel and select Rider no-show in the app so you can continue the UberPool trip with your other passengers. You’ll see a cancellation fee in your pay statement and will not be penalized for this cancellation.

How UberPool ratings work

UberPool passengers are able to rate the trip once it has ended. When passengers choose to leave a rating, they’re sharing how they felt about the overall Uber experience you provided, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

  • Ratings Protection

    We protect your rating from things you can’t control on UberPool trips such as in-app navigation and co-rider behavior. When a rider gives a rating lower than 5, they’re prompted with a list of possible reasons. If the rider selects an option that is out of your control, it won’t count toward your overall rating.

  • Passenger rating

    Our rating system is a 2-way street. For Pool, you could rate each passenger as soon as they reach their destination, but you also have the option to assign a rating to all passengers who matched along a single Pool chain. It’s safer to rate all passengers at the end of the trip, after all previous riders have left your vehicle. If you assign a rating lower than 5 stars, you’ll be prompted to provide optional feedback. Uber uses this feedback to improve rider education.


Frequently asked questions

  • Riders can request an UberPool trip for just themselves or opt to bring a friend (1-2 passengers per request). When you arrive to pick up a rider, you’ll see a confirmation screen. On this screen, confirm the rider's name and select whether they’re alone or with a second rider. It's possible that you might pick up multiple UberPool requests at the same spot, so remember to confirm the riders' names when they get in the car. If a rider tries to bring 2 or more additional riders, you can cancel the trip and kindly suggest they request UberX instead.

  • You can adjust the app to match the correct number of people. If there aren’t enough seats for everyone, you should cancel the trip and let the rider know they can request a different ride. Riders with 2 or more additional passengers must request an UberX trip.

  • You may use your preferred navigation app, but Uber’s in-app navigation is highly recommended for UberPool trips. With Uber's navigation, you’ll automatically see passengers added to your UberPool trip without any extra taps, to help you have a seamless and stress-free experience. Visit Settings in your Driver app and tap Navigation to change these preferences.

  • You can kindly remind the rider that they’ve opted to share their ride with other passengers for a more affordable price. If they prefer to have a private ride or are running late, you can offer to end their trip early and suggest they request an UberX trip for a private and direct ride.

  • UberPool dropoff locations are fixed because Uber matches riders based on pickups and destinations. Changing the destination will affect the other passengers in the car. If they insist, you can offer to end their trip early and suggest they request an UberPool trip with their updated destination or request with UberX.

    If a rider selected Express Pool, the dropoff may be on a corner a couple of blocks from their destination. If a rider asks you to drop them directly at their destination, kindly remind them that they opted to walk when they chose Express Pool. Your rating will not be affected.

  • It’s a best practice to confirm at pickup that your rider intended to request an UberPool trip and share their ride with other passengers. Additionally, you can confirm that a rider has chosen to walk when you arrive at their dropoff point. If your rider didn’t mean to request UberPool or would like a door-to-door ride, kindly ask that they cancel and request a ride with UberX instead.

  • Consider waiting one minute before calling the rider. If they still haven’t shown up after 2 minutes, you can cancel the trip, select Rider no-show, and move on. You’ll see a cancellation fee in your pay statement.

  • You can go to the Earnings section of your Driver app and tap the link at the bottom of the screen to see a detailed breakdown of each individual UberPool trip.

  • Yes, UberPool time and distance rates will include surge or Boost pricing. Each UberPool request counts toward your Quest promotion.

  • Pickup fares are applied per additional pickup stop, not per rider. If 2 separate riders are at the same pickup point, you’ll earn one pickup fare.

  • Your earnings are calculated based on fixed per-minute and per-mile rates starting from when the first rider enters your car to when the last rider exits. The surge multiple that exists when you accept the first UberPool rider will be the multiplier that applies to the entire UberPool trip. Any promotions or discounts the rider uses will not affect your earnings.

  • You’ll always earn the time, distance, base fare, and any applicable surge or Boost pricing for the entire duration of the trip. In this case, you’ll be paid from the time the rider enters your car to when they leave your vehicle.

  • Yes, you’re paid for all the time you spend on a trip. Even though riders pay an upfront price, your earnings are calculated based on the actual time and distance you travel plus applicable surge and Boost.

  • You’re paid fixed per-minute and per-mile rates starting from when the first rider enters your car to when the last rider leaves. If you have an UberPool rider in your car and spend time waiting for another rider once you arrive at their pickup location, you’ll always be paid for this time.

  • Visit to find your exact rates for all types of trips, including UberPool.

  • Express Pool is a type of request where riders can choose to walk to and from corner pickup and dropoff spots, so you can make quick stops with fewer detours. You'll earn your usual Pool rates, and issues outside your control won’t affect your driver rating.

  • Express Pool is available in a limited number of cities. You’ll see an indicator in your app at pickup or dropoff if a rider has selected the Express Pool option.