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Best way to get from SFO to San Francisco CA

Find the best ways to travel from SFO to San Francisco CA. You can also request a ride directly in the app at the tap of a button.

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Looking to find the best transportation options for your journey from SFO Airport to San Francisco? Discover a range of convenient and efficient ways to reach your destination hassle-free. Whether you prefer rideshare services, public transportation, taxis, rental cars, or other options, we provide all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Uber: Request a ride from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to San Francisco. The journey will take about 26 minutes, covering a distance of approximately 14 miles, with an average price of about $40.

BART: The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) operates a vehicle from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Civic Center/UN Plaza every 15 minutes. The journey covers a distance of about 13.6 miles and takes approximately 30 minutes.

SamTrans: SamTrans operates a bus from SFO Airport Terminal G-Lower Level to Mission St & 9th St every 30 minutes. The bus lines servicing this route are 292, 397, 398, and ECR OWL.

Private bus: Private bus services are available from SFO to San Francisco, with an average travel distance of approximately 13.5 miles. The average travel time is around 35 minutes.

Note: The travel times and costs are approximate and subject to change depending on traffic conditions and other factors. Updated October 1, 2023.

Reserve a ride in advance to San Francisco CA

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber to get from SFO to San Francisco CA. Request a ride up to 90 days before your trip, at any time and on any day of the year.

Reserve may not be available for your pickup location.

Getting from SFO to San Francisco CA

When you ride with Uber on your next trip from SFO to San Francisco CA, you’ve got choices. Whether you’re traveling alone or with others, find a ride option that fits your needs and budget. If you like to plan ahead, consider scheduling a ride to San Francisco CA in advance. Or you can request a ride on demand from SFO in the Uber app.

The route your driver takes might depend on the time of day and other factors, like traffic and how many other riders are making requests. You can have a stress-free ride knowing that the Uber app will suggest the most efficient route to your driver.

Average Travel Time

26 minutes

Average Route Price


Average Route Distance

14 miles

How to get from SFO to San Francisco CA

Compare ride options getting from SFO to San Francisco CA. Check the Uber app for current prices and travel options available.



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Uber Black

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Sample rider prices are estimates only and do not reflect variations due to geography, traffic delays, promotions, or other factors. Flat rates and minimum fees may apply. Actual prices for rides and scheduled rides may vary.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Uber app gives you the power to request a ride from SFO anytime, 24/7.

  • The average price for this trip is $41. Open the Uber app and input San Francisco CA in the “Where to?” box. The price estimate for each ride option will appear; scroll to see what’s available. Prices will vary based on time of day and how many riders are making requests.

  • The most affordable ride choice from SFO to San Francisco CA is High Capacity Vehicles.

  • The average duration for this ride is 26 minutes. Before a trip starts, your app gives an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for when your driver is likely to arrive at SFO. After your trip starts, your app provides an ETA for when you are likely to arrive at San Francisco CA. Please note: ETAs are not guaranteed; various factors like heavy traffic or road construction could affect travel time.

  • The average trip from SFO to San Francisco CA using the Uber app is about 14 miles.

  • If Uber Reserve is an option in the Uber app at SFO, you can request a ride from SFO anywhere from 2 hours to 90 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year. Uber’s ride-scheduling technology and Uber Reserve can help you be on time.

  • Check in the Uber app to see if car rentals are available at SFO. If you see the Rent icon, you can complete your reservation using the Uber app. Then you can rent a car and drive yourself to San Francisco CA. To get more details, go to

The data presented on this page represents historical average prices, durations, and distances for routes. Actual prices, durations, and distances may vary based on factors such as location, traffic conditions, and other variables. Information provided here is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as binding.