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Pick up multiple riders

With uberPOOL you'll pick up riders going in the same direction. The more pickups you do, the longer you'll spend time on a trip and earning.

See it in action

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When you're on a trip, you'll get a notification that an additional rider has been added to your trip. You’ll pick up each rider just like an uberX trip, only now the trip can be longer.

uberPOOL earnings

uberPOOL earnings are calculated based on time and distance from when the first rider is picked up to when the last rider is dropped off. Click here for more information for more information.

The rules of uberPOOL

There are a few rules in place for riders to help make sure you can make sure you're picking up and dropping off riders efficiently. We do our best to educate riders about uberPOOL, but you should be aware of these rules in case a rider isn't sure.

  • Rider maximum: a maximum of 2 riders is allowed per uberPOOL pickup. For example, if you have two pick ups, you should only have 4 people max.
  • Order of dropoffs: Riders should be dropped off in the order that your Uber Driver app directs.
  • Changing destinations: Since routes are carefully mapped with each rider's original destination, riders cannot change their final destination once they are on an uberPOOL trip.
  • Cancellations: If a rider doesn't show up to their pickup location after 2 minutes of you arriving, you can cancel the trip. The rider will be charged a no-show fee that you'll receive
  • Get additional pro-tips here

A new way of rating

Protecting your rating

Now if a rider isn't happy with their uberPOOL trip because of things out of your control, it won't affect your rating. When a rider rates a trip less than 5 stars they'll see the screen to the left—we'll ask them to choose between options including the trip route, their co-riders' behavior, or the number of pickups. If those options are chosen, the feedback won't apply to your rating.

Educating riders on uberPOOL

Riders who are new to uberPOOL may not realize they booked a shared ride or understand how the product works. We know this can be stressful for our driver-partners.

With your feedback in mind, we're introducing in-app education for riders, including info on how the product differs from uberX and tips to ensure a great experience for everyone in the car.

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