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uberPOOL tips

How to become an expert

To make the most of your uberPOOL earnings, read the tips below for getting started, interacting with riders, and navigating the routes.

What drivers and riders are saying

  • “uberPOOL is a very fun and efficient experience!” - Ahmed, Seattle Partner
  • “I was doing one of my first UberPool rides and I picked up a local as well as two tourists visiting town. All 4 of us had great conversation about Seattle, and got along wonderfully. It was a ride I won't forget!” - Andrea, Seattle Partner
  • "First time using uberPOOL and absolutely loved it!" - Courtney, Seattle Rider
  • "Such a nice driver and we had a blast chatting with our uberPOOL car-mates!" - Alex, Seattle Rider

Top tips

1. Take the trainings before you start

Review the available uberPOOL resources—emails, videos, tests, and tutorials—to set you up for success when accepting uberPOOL trip requests. After the trainings, drivers felt more prepared to drive confidently with uberPOOL.

2. Explain the process to your riders

Since uberPOOL can be confusing for new riders, explaining how pickups and dropoffs work familiarizes them with the process. It's best to confirm the request with riders before starting the trip. You can ask, “Do you know that you’re on an uberPOOL trip?” This avoids any confusion over accidental uberPOOL requests.

3. Introduce your riders to each other

To help break the ice, it's good to introduce your riders at each pickup to make the trip fun and personable. You can say, “Today you’re riding with so-and-so” to kick off the conversation.

4. Notify your riders about every stop

It helps to let your riders know about upcoming pickups and dropoffs. You can preface each pickup with a casual comment such as, “It looks like we’re going to be picking up Jennifer.” If the dropoff order changes, give your riders a heads-up.

5. Call your riders when you arrive

To keep the trip on time, it's good to call the riders at each pickup location. Some riders may look away from their phones after requesting a ride, so a call alerts them that you’ve arrived. After waiting for 2 minutes, you can cancel the trip and you'll receive the cancellation fee.

6. Accept 2nd and 3rd requests

Don’t hesitate to accept 2nd and 3rd requests. Riders choose uberPOOL knowing they'll be riding with additional passengers. You leave money on the table by not accepting additional requests.

7. Follow the GPS navigation

The Uber partner app will route you in the most efficient order. This means you sometimes might drop off the 2nd rider before the 1st. Remind riders that they can't change their destination on uberPOOL trips.

8. Enjoy the ride

uberPOOL can create new connections and friendships on the go. Have fun as you drive and be open to meeting people!

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