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uberPOOL is an option for riders to share their ride, matching them with other riders going the same direction. It is more efficient travel, better for the environment, better for traffic congestion, and more time per hour spent earning "on trip" for partners.

Tips for having awesome POOL trips

1. Explain the process to riders

Since uberPOOL can be confusing for new riders, explaining how pickups and drop-offs work familiarizes them with the process. David, from the Grove said “It’s up to us as driver-partners to educate riders and let them know how it works and what the benefits are.”

2. Let riders know when they have been matched

It helps to let your riders know about upcoming pickups and drop-offs. Jackie from Aventura prefaces each pickup with a casual comment such as, “It looks like we’re going to be picking up Jennifer.” If the drop-off order changes, give your riders a heads-up.

3. Keep conversations light

The backseat dynamic changes with more than one rider or group of riders, so it helps to have casual conversations. Mike from Doral usually lets his riders initiate dialogue after introducing them since some riders like to chat while others prefer silence. “You’ll know in the first five seconds if a rider wants to talk to you or not,” he shared.


How are secondary trips added?

Secondary uberPOOL trips will be automatically added to your POOL trip so you can focus on driving. For each new rider that is added to the trip, your route and directions will be updated automatically. It's critical that you only use the Uber in-app navigation on POOL trips.

How does surge work?

Surge on uberPOOL always matches surge on uberX. If you pick up multiple riders at different surge multiples then the average of the surge multiples will apply to your fare.

What if I need to take a break?

Take a break: Go into the trip menu and tap the “pause button” to stop getting additional requests. You can also go offline after your current ride is complete.

How riders are charged on uberPOOL?

The prices we charge riders on uberPOOL are often different than the fares calculated for a partner’s payment. This is because we offer very large discounts for riders on uberPOOL trips, to get more riders taking more trips. When we announce large uberPOOL discounts for riders please remember that these discounts do not affect your earnings.

How many riders are allowed at a time?

Currently, two riders are allowed per pickup location for a total of four riders in your vehicle. We have let riders know of this policy, but if a rider shows up with more than two people, we suggest that you kindly request that they cancel that trip and request an uberX.

How long should I wait for riders?

You can wait up to 2 minutes for riders. We recommend calling after 1 minute, but if they have now shown up after two minutes please cancel. When a ride request or current trip is canceled, you may be paid a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are noted in your payment statement. Please note that the Uber Fee applies to the cancellation fee.

Can riders change their destination or make additional stops?

No, riders are not allowed to change their destination or make stops during an uberPOOL ride. If a rider wants to change the destination, kindly request that they cancel and request another uberPOOL or an uberX.

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