A new way to save on UberPool

October 23, 2018 / New York

Walk a little, save a lot

Introducing a new way to save in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan (above 125th Street). Starting on October 25,  you’ll see even more affordable Pool prices in exchange for a short walk .

Save even more on UberPool with a short walk 

A short walk at pickup and dropoff on UberPool saves you both time and money. “Pool Options” in your Uber app are pre-set to the walking option. Toggle back to regular Pool to pay a little more for a door-to-door ride.

How it works

1. Request and wait for your pickup spot

When you request, you’ll wait a few extra moments so that we can find riders along your route. After we map the best trip, we’ll show you where to meet your driver.

2. Walk to your pickup spot

Walking to a corner helps avoid detours and make pickups faster. Walk to your pickup spot before the driver arrives so that no one is kept waiting.

3. Walk to your destination

Your trip ends at an efficient dropoff spot picked by Uber, so you’ll walk a short distance to your destination.

Benefits of walking 

A few moments to improve your route

When you request a ride, people nearby are trying to go to the same place. We find those riders up front for fewer detours later.

Efficient pickups and dropoffs

Uber selects a pickup and dropoff spot based on where the driver is coming from and where other riders are going, so everyone enjoys a more direct trip.

Better matches, lower prices

More-efficient rides help us keep prices even lower than the cost of UberPOOL.