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1. Request

Open the Uber app and enter your destination in the “Where to?” box. Once you confirm that your pickup and destination addresses are correct, select Uber Green at the bottom of your screen (you might need to scroll down). Then tap Confirm Uber Green. After you’ve been matched with a driver, you’ll see their picture and vehicle details and can track their arrival on the map, just like any other Uber option. Uber Green trips include a $1 fee. Half goes directly to your driver for their use of a hybrid or electric vehicle; the other half will help other drivers with fossil-fuel vehicles transition to electric.

Note: Uber Green is available in certain cities only. In those cities, service will be available from 6am to 9pm. Availability may be additionally limited outside of downtown areas to start.

2. Ride

Check that the vehicle details match what you see in the app before getting in.

Your driver has your destination and directions for the fastest way to get there, but you can always request a specific route.

3. Hop out

You’ll be automatically charged through your payment method on file, so you can exit the car as soon as you arrive.

Remember to rate your driver to help keep Uber safe and enjoyable for everyone.

  • UberX

    Affordable rides, all to yourself

  • Uber Pool

    Shared rides, door to door or with a short walk

  • Uber Comfort

    Newer cars with extra legroom

  • Uber Black

    Premium rides in luxury cars

  • Scooters

    Electric scooters to help you get around your city

  • Uber WAV

    Rides in wheelchair-accessible vehicles


*Based on the average carbon emissions from all non-low-emission rides in cities where Uber Green is available.

**Where available. See Uber Rewards Program Terms for details.