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Car rentals in Boston, MA

Browse vehicles from popular rental car companies in Boston with Uber Rent, or choose from local cars near you with Uber Carshare. From electric cars and sedans to SUVs, you’ll find vehicles fit for solo travelers and groups with up to 7 people. Enter your time and location details to find car rentals near you.

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Reasons to rent a car with Uber

Same-day rental cars

Life happens unexpectedly. Don’t let it slow you down. With same-day reservations, unexpected car troubles and last-minute travel plans are no match for Uber Rent. Pick up your vehicle at Boston Logan International Airport or another place, then hit the road to keep moving forward.

Seamless reservations

Booking rental cars in Boston is as easy as requesting a ride with UberX. You can compare rental cars near and far from your location and complete your reservation in the Uber app or online.

Extensive vehicle options

For the family searching for a comfortable van, the business professional in need of a stylish ride, and more, consider Uber Rent. You’ll find vehicles of different sizes and models to accommodate your preferences and budget. There’s something for everyone.

Search for the best car rental deals in Boston, MA

Uber Rent empowers people like you to search for car rental deals in Boston with ease. The in-app and online reservation process allows you to compare and pay for vehicles from familiar brands in one place for a seamless reservation experience.

A wide range of rental cars, from sedans to SUVs, are readily available for last-minute car rental needs or trips planned in advance. Enjoy same-day car rental bookings or make reservations in advance so travel plans are behind you.

Where you travel is your choice too. Hit the road for a relaxing weekend getaway near or far from Boston or reduce wear and tear on your own wheels while driving to Star Market for errands. Consider heading to your favorite vacation spot with family and friends, all in your car rental.

Whatever your needs, make the journey as memorable as the destination by booking a rental car with Uber Rent today.

Featured car rental brands in Boston, MA

Compare rental cars from brands you know for your daily or weekly car rental needs. Visit the Rent page in the Uber app or online to view the complete list of rental car suppliers in Boston.

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How to book rental cars with Uber Rent

Reserve your rental car

Tap the button below to access the Rent booking page online or in the Uber app. Enter your pickup and dropoff details to view vehicle options in Boston. From there, complete your reservation. You can pay in advance or at the counter at the time of pickup. Depending on your city, you can select valet service in the app, then complete your reservation to have your vehicle delivered to you.

Pick up your rental car

Head to the location at the date and time listed on your reservation in the Uber app.

If you completed your reservation with Valet, you can follow your car being delivered to your location in-app, just like when you request a ride with Uber. Meet your valet driver curbside at your chosen time and location. Inspect your vehicle. Take the keys and start your trip.

The car will only be delivered to the person who booked the rental.

Drop off your rental car

Return the rental car at the dropoff location listed in your reservation. Your reservation can be found in the Uber app and is also sent to the email address associated with your Uber account.

If you complete your reservation with Valet, your app will let you know when your valet driver is heading your way to pick up your rental car. Remember to meet your valet curbside at your chosen time and location. Inspect the vehicle again, return the keys, and you are done

Rental cars delivered to you

Uber Rent with Valet makes getting your rental car easier than ever. With Valet, your vehicle is delivered to the location of your choice at a time that works for you.

Learn more about the Valet service and where it’s currently available.

Frequently asked questions

  • Uber Rent helps people reserve rental cars directly through the Uber app or online. We partner with third-party vehicle companies so you get a great selection of cars and prices in Boston.

  • To reserve your rental car with the Uber app, tap the Rental Cars tile followed by Find cars at the bottom of the screen to begin your reservation. To reserve a rental car online, visit the visit the Uber Rent booking page and follow the directions to complete your reservation.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to rent a car with Uber Rent in Boston. A Young Driver Fee might apply for drivers under age 25, in addition to the standard car rental rate. There may be additional requirements depending on the vehicle and the supplier you select. You can view these requirements under Terms and Conditions in the More information section under Manage reservation.

  • It costs on average $387/week to rent a car in Boston with Uber Rent. Please consider that car size, market seasonality, and length of reservation are a few factors that can affect the average rental car price.

  • Yes, you can cancel your reservation for free and for any reason in Boston if you pay at the counter. You can cancel for free with in-app reservations if you cancel up to 48 hours before your pickup time. Fees and rules depend on the supplier.

    To view the rental terms and conditions, tap Manage reservation on the "Upcoming rental" screen in the Uber app, then View details on the "Your reservations" screen.

    Currently, you can only change your reservation in-app, and changes can only be made before the reservation starts.

  • Popular rental car suppliers available through Uber Rent in Boston include Dollar, Avis, and Thrifty.

  • No, you don’t need personal car insurance to rent a car with Uber Rent. When you arrive at the rental location to pick up your vehicle, the rental company can offer several types of car rental insurance plans and protection products to help protect you in case of an accident.

  • Yes, you can reserve a rental car the same day with Uber Rent in Boston. Enter your pickup and dropoff details online or in the Uber app to view available car rentals near you.

  • Where the option to pay in-app is available, you can use any Uber payment method, including debit cards, to pay for your car rental in Boston, but you must bring a physical credit card to the rental location for pickup. The name on the credit card must match the name on the primary rental driver’s license.

  • To verify if rental cars are available for pickup at Boston Logan International Airport, tap the Rental Cars tile in the Uber app and enter the airport’s address in the “Pick up & return near” field. You can also search on the rent booking page online.

  • To view the rental terms and conditions, such as if you need to refill the gas in your rental car, tap Manage reservation on the “Upcoming rental” screen in the Uber app, then View details on the “Your reservations” screen.

  • If your car breaks down in Boston, you should contact the rental company responsible for providing your vehicle.

    To view the rental customer support information, tap Manage reservation on the “Upcoming rental” screen in the Uber app, then View details on the “Your reservations” screen. Under “More information,” select Get help to find the contact details.

  • To see if luxury rental cars are available with Uber Rent in Boston, use the Uber app or visit the Uber Rent page online. Tap the Rental Cars tile in the app and add your reservation details to view the available vehicles.

  • You can verify the availability of pickup trucks in Boston with the app or online. While signed in to your Uber account from a mobile device, tap Rental Cars and enter your reservation details. Then tap the filters icon to see if pickup trucks are available. From a desktop computer, visit the Uber Rent page, then add your reservation details. Click on Size to filter your results, then verify the availability of pickup trucks in Boston.

  • You can verify if rental vans are available in Boston online or with the app. While signed in to your Uber account from a mobile device, tap the Rental Cars tile and enter your reservation details to see if vans are available. If you’re using a desktop computer, click on Rent, then enter your reservation details to verify if vans are available.

  • No, you cannot rent moving trucks with Uber Rent in Boston. While signed in to your account, you can use the filter tab on a mobile device or click on Size from a desktop to find the largest available vehicle options near your pickup and dropoff locations.

  • Yes, you can rent a car to drive and earn with Uber in Boston. Learn more about how to rent a car with Uber to get paid as a driver and/or courier in Boston.