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Below are questions other Partners have asked. If you can't find the answer to your question, visit our Greenlight Hub for in-person support or get help from in-app support.

Frequently asked questions


How does surge work?

Surge on uberPOOL always matches surge on uberX. The surge multiplier of the first rider will apply to all matched riders on the trip.

How riders are charged on uberPOOL?

The uberPOOL prices for riders are often different than the fares calculated for a partner’s payment. This is because we offer discounts for riders on uberPOOL trips, to get more riders taking more trips. When we announce uberPOOL discounts for riders please remember that these discounts do not affect your earnings.

How are secondary trips added?

Secondary uberPOOL trips will be automatically added to your POOL trip so you can focus on driving. For each new rider that is added to the trip, your route and directions will be updated automatically.

How many riders are allowed at a time?

Currently, two riders are allowed per pickup location for a total of four riders in your vehicle. We let riders know of this policy, but if a rider shows up with more than two people, we suggest that you kindly request that they cancel that trip and request an uberX.

How long should I wait for riders?

You can wait up to 2 minutes for riders. We recommend calling after 1 minute, but if they have not shown up after 2 minutes you can cancel to collect a no-show fee.

Can riders change their destination or make additional stops?

No, riders are not allowed to change their destination or make stops during an uberPOOL ride. If a rider wants to change the destination, kindly request that they cancel and request another uberPOOL or an uberX.

Is it okay to accept a 2nd request in the middle of an uberPOOL trip?

Yes, partners are encouraged to accept 2nd POOL requests. There is no need to ask for permission from the 1st passenger.

Do riders need to enter their destinations for uberPOOL trips?

Yes, uberPOOL riders must enter their pickup and drop off locations when requesting an uberPOOL in order to ensure an efficient trip match.


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