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Ride with friends seamlessly

Riding with friends just got easier: set up a group ride in the Uber app, invite your friends, and arrive at your destination. Friends who ride together save together.

Invite friends in a few taps

Set up a group ride and invite your friends to join. The Uber app will create a text you can easily share.

Arrive at your destination together

Each person you invite will add their pickup or dropoff spot, and your driver will pick them up along the way to your destination.

Save as a group

After starting your ride, your group can split the price equally—so in addition to arriving together, you’ll spend less than you would on individual rides. Each rider could save 30% on average by sharing a ride instead of requesting their own.*

Frequently asked questions

  • You can ride with up to 3 friends, so a total of 4 riders including yourself.

  • You can add as many as 5 total stops (including the final destination) on any ride, whether it’s an UberX or UberXL trip.

  • When you start a group ride, the app will create an invite link that you can send to your friends. They’ll be added to your ride as soon as they tap the link in their invite. Your friends may need to save your phone number as a contact to be able to tap the link.

  • After starting your trip with the Uber app, you can use a feature to split the cost equally with friends who are sharing the ride with you. A button will appear in the app once you’ve been matched with the driver. This feature can be used midway through the trip and incurs a small fee per rider.

  • Not yet, but we're working on it. At this time, the feature divides the total cost evenly between all the riders.

  • This feature is currently available to a limited number of users in certain cities. It will soon be rolled out in more locations. Not available in your city yet? Sign up for the group rides waiting list so you can be notified when it becomes available.

*Average savings of 30% per rider is based on the average per-rider price of a group ride split between 2 riders, compared with the average per-rider price of an UberX ride. Savings are not guaranteed.

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