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Riding with Uber

Split Fare

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Say goodbye to unpaid IOUs

When riding with friends or groups, you can always split the price. There’s no need to swap cash—just tap the app and hit the road.

Why it's helpful

Ride with friends

The more the merrier. Pick up your buddies and get everyone to chip in.

Skip the cash

Divide the cost of the ride directly through the app. It’s easy and stress-free.

How it works


Request your ride

Tap to open the app and request a ride as you normally would.

Please note: you must have the latest version of the app to split your price.


Split the fare

Once requested, swipe up from the bottom of your app, tap your selected payment method, then tap Split Fare.


Select your friends

Enter the names or phone numbers of other riders. Everyone you add is sent a notification request to accept your invitation.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the price split equally among riders?

    Yes. The cost of the ride is divided equally among riders who accept the invite to split the fare.

  • Is there an additional cost?

    Yes. When a fare is split, each participating rider is charged a fee of 25 cents. Your receipt will show the total Split Fare fee for all riders.

  • What if a rider doesn’t accept a Split Fare invitation?

    If a rider chooses not to accept Split Fare or doesn't have a valid payment method, you'll be charged for both your portion and theirs.

  • Can I still use Apple Pay?

    If you use Apple Pay but want to split a fare, you may need to use another payment method. You can switch back to Apple Pay on your next trip.

Learn More

When you schedule a ride using the Scheduled Ride function the Uber app will make a request on your behalf ahead of your scheduled pickup window to try to ensure that you have a ride available. Use of the Scheduled Ride function does not guarantee that a ride will be available and/or that your driver will arrive at the specified time. Your booking is not confirmed until Uber has sent you the details of your booking and the estimated time of arrival. In the event a car is not available Uber will let you know by the end of your scheduled pickup window.


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