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Driving safety forwards

Your safety is our priority. We never stop working to reduce incidents and set new standards, so you can stay connected and protected every time you ride. Because safety never stops.

Designing a safer trip

Safety features are designed into the app, so you can tell your loved ones where you are, and so there’s help if something unexpected happens.*

Stay connected and protected when you ride.

Emergency Assistance

Get help fast. Call local emergency services directly from the app, wherever you are.

24/7 customer support

Whether you have a quick question or an incident to report, it’s easy to get the help you need. Access 24/7 support directly through the app, whenever you need it.

Share my trip

Let the people you love know where you are. Choose your trusted contacts in the app and set reminders to share your trip details with them.

Safety Centre

Visit the in-app Safety Centre to see what we're doing to help keep you safe. Just tap the shield icon next time you take a trip.

2-way Ratings

Your feedback matters. The two-way rating system maintains an enjoyable Uber experience and helps keep riders and drivers safe.

GPS tracking

All Uber trips are tracked by GPS from start to finish, so you can follow your trip and see exactly where you’re going.

Phone Number Anonymisation

Calls and messages made using the Uber app do not reveal personal phone numbers. Your details are protected automatically.

Driver profile

Get to know the driver before you get in the car. You can see their rating, how many trips they’ve completed, how long they’ve been driving, compliments from previous riders, and more.


Using sensors and GPS data, RideCheck can help detect if a trip has an unexpected long stop or a possible crash has occurred. If we notice such events, we’ll check on you and offer tools to get help.¹

Real-time ID check

To make sure that registered drivers are the ones driving, a real-time identification check system has been implemented. Drivers are randomly asked to take in real-time a photo of themselves, and the photo is then compared to the one logged on their Uber account.

Verify your trip

Ensure you are getting into the right vehicle by opting-in to receive a unique PIN that will automatically be sent to your driver for wireless verification. Your driver will only be able to begin your trip once the correct PIN is verified.

Drivers must clear several screenings

All potential drivers must complete a criminal background screening process before they can accept ride requests through the Uber app.

Driver Hour Limits

To help make roads safer for everyone, Uber automatically locks drivers out of the app when they reach the consecutive driving hours limit. They must then take a substantial break before they can drive again.

Speed Limit Alerts

The ‘Speed limit alerts’ feature flashes visual reminders to help you drive at a safe speed. If dangerous driving is reported, we’ll send educational content to drivers who risk losing access to the Uber app if repeated behaviour is reported.

Real-time Identification

People who drive with Uber are periodically asked to take a selfie, which we match against their on-file identification to help ensure that the right driver is behind the wheel.

Vehicle inspection

In order to drive on the Uber platform, every vehicle must pass an independent annual inspection to verify that it is safe to drive.

Check your trip, every time

Before you get in, take a second to double-check the app for your driver’s information. Follow these 3 steps to make sure you get into the right car:

Step 1

Match the number plate.

Step 2

Match the car make and model.

Step 3

Check the driver photo.

Strengthening our community

We want to make Uber enjoyable and inclusive for everyone. Anyone who doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines can be removed from the platform.

Safer journeys for everyone

Our commitment to safety goes beyond the in-app safety features. We also partner with leading organizations to help make roads safer and cities stronger.

Listening to a safety advisory board

We continually work with experts in the fields of safety and security, women’s safety, civil rights, and road safety to develop ever-safer processes and features.

Partnering with public safety officials

Our investigative team of former law enforcement professionals is always ready to help public safety officials resolve active cases.

Supporting disaster relief efforts

When disaster strikes, our team supports official relief efforts by working with government officials and organizations like the Red Cross.

Reporting serious incidents to the police

Enhancing rider safety

We report every serious incident in London that involves the use of the Uber app to the Metropolitan Police. We plan to expand this practice to other cities soon.

You can decide whether or not you want to include your contact details with our report to the Police. If you choose not to include your details, we’ll report only the details of the incident on your behalf. In this case, the Police can still legally require Uber to provide your contact details to them if they need to get in touch with you.

We also recommend that you make your own complaint to assist the police with their investigation.

More about safety

Driver safety

Drive when and where you want with confidence.

Our commitment to safety

You deserve to be able to move and make money safely.

*Certain requirements and features vary by region and may be unavailable.

¹ This feature is in the process of being rolled out and is currently only available in selected markets.