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Looking for London taxis?

We are launching Black Cabs on Uber in London in early 2024. Please stay tuned for more information. With this additional on-demand trip option, your transport is ready when you are. Get a quote, request a trip with the app, then head to your destination with your driver.

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Black Cab on Uber, launching soon!

The on-demand option for Black Cabs in London will soon be here. With the Uber app, riders and drivers connect 24/7, and convenience is prioritised every step of the way, starting with booking a trip.

  • 24/7 availability

    Starting early 2024, you'll be able to book a Black Cab in London. Next time you're thinking about requesting a taxi to King's Cross Station or elsewhere, try booking a trip with Black Cab instead to connect with a driver near you. From early mornings to late nights and everything in between, you can book a trip with Black Cab at any time.

  • In-app safety features

    Uber prioritises safety for every rider in London. In a few taps, you can access customer support, share trip details with loved ones, and visit the Safety Centre to see what we're doing to help keep you safe.

  • Upfront pricing

    As soon as you add your pick-up and drop-off details and request a trip, you will see an upfront price range calculated on the Black Cab tariff. At the end of the trip, you will pay the metered fare.


Download the Uber app to book a trip near you

Local rates in London for UberX

Until Black Cab launches in early 2024, budget ahead for your trip in London by viewing common rates for trips booked on UberX.

On average, a 21-minute trip in London costs £17.

Services for all your trip needs

Airport transfers

Enjoy efficient airport transfers in London by booking a trip with the Uber app. You'll ride with a driver, whether you're heading to or from London City Airport or another airport. Exchange crowded shuttles for a comfortable trip with Uber today.

London and beyond

The ability to book a trip to your dream destination is at your fingertips. All it takes is requesting a trip with the Uber app. You can explore the heart of London or embark on a trip to Albury to explore new sights to see.

Business travel

Skip lengthy commutes and parking hassles by managing your travel needs with Uber. Everything from booking to paying for your trip is completed right in the app. All you need to do is enjoy the trip. Consider this on-demand option when you need to head to the office, an event or another destination in a timely way.

Frequently asked questions

  • You'll be able to book a Black Cab on Uber from early 2024 in London. Until the product is launched, you're free to use UberX or other Uber products by downloading the Uber app, completing your profile and requesting a trip.

  • From early 2024, you will be able to book a Black Cab on Uber which has a passenger limit of 5.

  • With Uber, you can request a trip 24/7 in London. The hours of operation for taxis in London vary by jurisdiction and taxi operator.

  • Yes. You can add a credit card as a payment option in your Uber account to pay for your trip in London.

  • Yes, you can tip drivers in London with the Uber app. You can provide a tip with the app or give cash directly to your driver.

  • Yes, you can change your destination after booking your trip with Uber in London. You can also change your destination while you are travelling.

  • From early 2024, you will be able to use the Uber app to book your Black Cab. You can enjoy simple upfront pricing estimates and in-app safety features like Share my Trip and RideCheck.

  • The cost of your trip with UberX depends on several factors. You can use the price estimator tool to get a quote before booking your trip. Please reach out to your local taxi company to confirm their rates.

  • You can use the Uber app to contact the driver regarding the lost item. To get started, visit the Uber app and go to the Account section. Tap on Trips, then select the trip on which you forgot the item. Next, tap Find Lost Item and follow the in-app instructions. Alternatively you can reach out via the Help Centre.

  • From early 2024, all taxis available on Uber will be wheelchair accessible via the Black Cab product. In the meantime, we recommend considering a trip with Uber Access, our forward-facing wheelchair-accessible option.