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Saved places

Everyone loves a shortcut. Get to your most visited destinations faster by storing them in your app.

Why it's helpful

Get there faster

With saved places, you’ll be one tap away from where you want to be. Plus, it’s easier than saving a contact to your phone.

Save it and forget it

Finally, there’s no need to remember the name or address of a place. Save it once and make it easier whenever you want to go there.

How it works

Open your app

Tap to open the app, then tap Where to?

Find your favourites

Tap Saved places.

Get there faster

Enter an address, and you’re all set to ride.

Sign up

Download the app and set up your account so you’re ready next time you need to take a trip.


Invite friends to use Uber and they’ll get a discount on their first trip.

Options vary based on your city and region.