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Star ratings

What to know as a driver-partner

We want rides to be safe and enjoyable for everyone in our community. One way we protect the quality of trips is with star ratings. Get the facts about what you are rated on and how ratings are calculated.

About our two-way rating system

To ensure the quality of both the driver-partners and riders in the community, our rating system is a two-way street. Driver-partners have the option to rate every completed trip, while riders have the opportunity to submit a rating along with comments.

Ratings, which are given on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, should be honest and reflective of the overall trip experience. Watch and learn more.

How ratings work and affect driver-partners

What you’ll be rated on

Riders likely consider a variety of factors when selecting a star rating, including navigation, vehicle cleanliness, and their communication with you. When riders choose to leave a rating, which is not required, they’re sharing how they felt about the overall Uber experience you provided.

How ratings are calculated

Your overall driver-partner rating is an average of individual ratings provided by riders from your 500 or fewer most recent trips. This rating is calculated by adding your individual trip ratings (from 1 to 5 stars) together, and then dividing this value by the total number of ratings you've received.

What’s not factored in the calculation:

  • Canceled trips
  • Unaccepted trip requests
  • Rides where the rider chose not to rate you

Why ratings may change

Every new driver-partner starts with a perfect rating of 5. Your rating may fluctuate often until you’ve completed your first 50-100 rated trips since there are fewer rides affecting the average. As your number of rated trips grows, changes in your rating will be smaller. Keep in mind that one low rating will not have a significant impact on your overall rating.

Riders have several days to submit a rating, which is why you may see your rating change on a day when you do not complete any trips.

What happens when your rating falls too low

If your rating approaches the minimum for your area, you’ll receive notifications and tips for how to improve it. If your average rating continues to fall below the minimum after multiple notifications, your account may be deactivated pursuant to the Community Guidelines. Deactivation is only used as a last resort and your account may be activated if you take certain steps to improve.

What happens if you give riders a low rating

The two-way rating system ensures that riders are also held accountable for their behavior. If you felt that your experience with a rider was less than ideal, you can give that rider a low star rating. For example, you may do so if a rider was disrespectful or made you feel unsafe. All ratings are anonymous.