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优步平台使用了双向评分系统:合作车主和乘客可基于其行程体验为彼此评分。您的合作车主评分是乘客提供的最近 500 次评分的平均值。


The basics of ratings

After each trip, riders and drivers have the opportunity to rate each other from 1 to 5 stars, based on their trip experience. Ratings are anonymous. You won’t see individual ratings tied to a particular trip or person.


1. After a trip, the app gives you and your rider each the opportunity to provide a rating.

2. If you or your rider chooses lower than 5 stars, the app may ask for a bit more feedback about why that rating was chosen.

3. Riders also have the option to choose from a set of compliments that apply to you or your trip together.

4. The app adds the ratings you get into an average that’s displayed to your riders before and during a trip. Your average rating is an average of the last 500 ratings you’ve received.

5. 您可以在车主端查看您的评分、反馈和赞扬。依次轻触左上角的菜单图标和您的头像照片,然后轻触姓名下方的平均评分,即可了解详情。


  • 您的评分详情会显示在合作车主个人资料中。轻触车主端左上角的菜单图标,然后轻触您的照片,即可查看个人资料。

  • 若乘客由于行程价格、交通状况和您无法控制的其他问题而给予低评分,我们会将该评分从平均评分中移除。

  • No, you won’t receive star ratings for any canceled or unaccepted trips.

  • It’s normal for your average rating to vary over the course of your first 50 to 100 trips. This is because there are fewer available trips making up your average. As you complete more and more rated trips, your overall rating will be more stable.

  • 谨慎地为乘客提供评分有助于所有人充分利用优步平台。有些合作车主在为乘客评分时会考虑以下 3 个因素:

    1. 等候时间较短:留意您到达上车地点时乘客是否已做好上车准备。
    2. 礼貌:待人有礼,尊重他人财物,保持车辆整洁。
    3. 安全:注意乘客是否曾强迫您执行某些可能影响安全或违反优步社区指南的操作。