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Pre-first trip

Frequently asked questions

Partnering with Uber means opportunity. Opportunity to earn money. Opportunity to set your own schedule. Opportunity to help your community. We hope you get out there soon.

Common FAQs partners have before their first trip

Uber says my account is active. What does that mean?

This means that your background check is completed and all your required documents have been uploaded and approved. There are still a few quick steps that you need to take. The app will prompt you to take a photo of yourself for your account and you should add your banking info to

How will I know when I'm getting a ride request? How do I accept?

When you get a trip request, your screen will flash and a sound will ping. You have 15 seconds to accept the trip request. Just press anywhere on your screen to accept.

When should I swipe 'Begin Trip'?

After the rider enters your vehicle and you confirm their name.

I didn't start or end a trip on-time. What do I do?

Go into your Trip History and tap on the trip. At the bottom of the screen, tap "Need Help" and then "I had an issue with this fare." You can then select "I didn't begin or end the trip on time" and fill in the pick-up and drop-off locations. We'll make the adjustment!

How do I contact riders?

If you need to contact the rider, you can tap on the clipboard icon in the upper right of the partner app after you accept a trip request and it gives you the option of calling or texting the rider.

What if my app isn't working?

Download a new version of the partner app. Partners with Android models can download the app Partners with the iPhone can download the app from If your iPhone is saying that Uber isn't a trusted developer, follow the directions in this short video.

When and how do I get paid?

Uber partners are paid via direct deposit weekly on Thursdays for money earned between 4 AM Monday and the previous Monday at 4 AM. Payment is made by direct deposit only. You can add your bank info at

Can I pick up riders at the airport?

Yes! Partners can both drop off and pick up at MSY. Get details on how to make pickups here!

How do I make sure my vehicle is ready for the road?

Make sure you have an active Brake Tag inspection sticker and that the interior of your vehicle is clean and ready to comfortably accommodate passengers.

What if the rider wants to change destinations or make multiple stops?

That's OK! Don't end the trip, just ask the rider to delete their previous destination in the rider app and enter the new address. You'll still be paid for any time and distance traveled.

My rider wants me to wait. What should I do?

If a rider asks you to wait, you're welcome to do so. Just keep the trip running. However, if you don't want to or can't wait, just ask the rider to request another Uber when they're done.

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