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Ride with confidence

The Uber experience was built with safety in mind. Through incident prevention tools, insurance coverage, and technology that keeps you connected, we’re dedicated to helping you move safely and focus on what matters most.

Designing a safer ride

Driver screenings

All potential drivers in the US must complete a screening before becoming an Uber driver-partner, and current drivers continue to be vetted for criminal offenses.

Features to help keep you safe

On every trip, you can tap a button for safety tools and get help whenever you need it.

An inclusive community

Through our joint efforts with cities and safety experts and by working together, we’re helping to create safe journeys for everyone.

Drivers must clear several screenings

Before anyone can drive with Uber, they must undergo a multi-point review of driving history and criminal history. Screenings check for moving violations, drinking- and drug-related offenses, violent crime, and felonies. If a potential driver qualifies, they still have to remain in good standing with the law to stay in the Uber community.

Annual reruns

Criminal and motor vehicle checks are proactively run each year, regardless of whether there’s a legal obligation in the city to do so.

Ongoing notifications

If a driver is charged with a new offense, we have technology that can notify us of that so we can remove access to the app. This helps to ensure that all drivers continue to meet our screening standards.

Real-time identification

Drivers are periodically asked to take a selfie, which we match against their on-file identification to help ensure the right driver is behind the wheel.

Peace of mind for where you're going

Safety features are designed into the app. So you get home after a night out. So you can tell your loved ones where you are. And so there’s help if something unexpected happens.¹

Emergency assistance button

You can use the in-app emergency button to call 911 to get help if you need it. The app displays your location and trip details, so you can quickly share them with the 911 dispatcher. In select US cities, this information is automatically shared with emergency services when you call.

24/7 incident support

Our customer support team is specially trained to respond to urgent safety issues.

Share My Trip

Set up your Trusted Contacts and create reminders to share your trip status with friends and family in real time.

Safety Center

Access Uber’s safety features all in one place in the app whenever you’re riding with us.

2-way ratings

Your feedback matters. Low-rated trips are logged, and users may be removed.

GPS tracking

All Uber rides are tracked by GPS from start to finish so there’s a record of your trip if something happens.

Phone number anonymization

The app makes phone numbers anonymous, so your personal information stays private.

Insurance on every trip

Uber partners with leading insurance providers like Allstate, Farmers®, James River, and Progressive to help protect you if anything happens.

Check your ride, every time you ride

Matching the car model and license plate with the information in your app makes for a safer ride. Be certain that you get into the right car by following these steps:

Step 1

Before you hop into a car, check the app for your driver’s information.

Step 2

Match the driver, car model, and license plate number with the information in the app.

Step 3

Have your driver confirm your name before they go.

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Strengthening our community

Our Community Guidelines were established to keep Uber enjoyable and inclusive for everyone. Any person who doesn’t follow the guidelines can be removed from the platform.

Safer journeys for everyone

Our commitment to safety goes beyond the app. We partner with leading organizations to help make roads safer and our cities stronger.

Listening to a Safety Advisory Board

Uber develops new processes and features with the help of leading experts from the fields of women’s safety, law enforcement, civil rights, and road safety.

Partnering with law enforcement

Uber has an investigative team of former law enforcement professionals who offer immediate assistance in active cases.

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Supporting disaster-relief efforts

Our team works with government officials and organizations like the Red Cross to support relief efforts on the ground.

Helping to prevent impaired driving

We team up with organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to educate the public on the dangers of driving while impaired.

Helping to end gender-based violence

In collaboration with advocacy groups like NO MORE, we support awareness and prevention campaigns to help end sexual assault and harassment.