Safety Tips

We want you to get around safe and sound. Built-in safety features and useful tips can help you feel even more taken care of than usual. Check them out and get going!

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Recognise your vehicle

Did you know your Uber app has built-in features for an even safer ride? Make sure to get in the right Uber by ticking off the vehicle recognition checklist.

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Share your trip details

Meeting friends, colleagues or family? Let them know how, when and where you will be arriving! Share your trip details, so they can follow you in real-time.

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Driver Identification

Driver-partners are asked periodically to take a selfie in the Uber app before they accept rides.

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Use the 'Help' function

Questions, suggestions or you want to flag something regarding safety? Best place to go to is the 'Help' feature in your Uber app. Get quick assistance with any issue.

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