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California: Get On Board

June 11, 2014 / California

What’s more powerful than the voice of the people? Uber needs you to raise yours loud enough for the California Legislature to hear it. Special interests are threatening ridesharing and we need you to let them know why #CALovesUber.

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On Tuesday, June 17, two bills are being considered in the California Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee that could alter the future of ridesharing forever.

  1. AB 612 is a flagrant attempt to stymie innovation and competition by an antiquated industry. It is an obvious play by the taxicab industry to kill competition and limit consumer choice. Other states, like Colorado, have found legislative solutions that help advance technologies like Uber and protect consumers and drivers. But supporters of AB 612 would altogether ignore the vibrant new ridesharing ecosystem and try to make it impossible for companies like Uber to operate.
  2. AB 2293 is a back-room deal by insurance companies and trial attorneys to prematurely force the ridesharing industry to fit their special interests. The bill allows insurance companies to escape their liability for services they’ve already charged ratepayers, and helps trial attorneys work the system to ensure they get the largest payouts possible. The bill does nothing to enhance safety, yet compromises the transportation choices and entrepreneurial opportunities Uber offers Californians.

A legislative solution is possible. In fact, Colorado made history last week and signed into law sensible regulations that embrace the innovation behind ridesharing and supports riders and drivers who know and love ridesharing.

Uber in California means thousands of new, well-paying jobs for local economies, and the realization of safe, convenient and seamless transportation alternatives. We need the California Senate to:

  • Reject legislation that attacks innovation
  • Listen to what Californians want; and
  • Stop this effort to hurt small business owners who are supporting themselves and their families.

Sacramento politicians need to listen to the voices of consumers, like you, and support new and innovative transportation choices rather than allowing special interests to hinder them.

Tell California’s leaders that #CALovesUber and ask them to stand up for you by voting NO on AB 612 and AB 2293.

FIND YOUR SENATOR on the California Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee, then see below for their contact information.

If your Senator is not listed below as part of the Energy Committee, click here to tweet your support for Uber in California!

Senator Alex Padilla (Chair)
Senator Jean Fuller (Vice Chair)
(916) 651-4018
Senator Marty Block
(916) 651-4039
Senator Anthony Cannella
(916) 651-4012
Senator Ellen M. Corbett
(916) 651-4010
Senator Kevin de León
(916) 651-4022
Senator Mark DeSaulnier
(916) 651-4007
Senator Jerry Hill
(916) 651-4013
Senator Steve Knight
(916) 651-4021
Senator Fran Pavley
(916) 651-4027
Senator Lois Wolk
(916) 651-4003