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A guide for how to use Uber

Whether you’re running an errand across town or exploring a city far from home, getting there should be easy. Learn how to ride with the Uber app.

Smooth rides from start to finish

Upfront pricing in real time

Before you confirm a trip, see price estimates so you don’t have to guess and so you can compare costs to find the right ride, every time.

Perfect your pickup

When you request a ride, the app automatically suggests a convenient place to meet your driver. To adjust your location, just type in a new address or drag your pin on the map within the gray circle.

Get to know the person behind the wheel

Check Driver Profiles in the app to see fun facts about your driver, including ratings and compliments.

Ratings and tips

Help us improve your experience by rating trips. If you got great service from a fantastic driver, you can also add a tip.

Peace of mind on every ride

From driver screening and insurance to app features that let you track your trip and stay connected, your safety is a top priority.

Top questions from riders

You can schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance. Open the app and tap on the car-and-clock icon next to the Where to? destination box.

Open the app and tap the Where to? destination box. It will open a Switch Rider scroll-down option. Tap on it and select your friend. They will receive a text message with trip details, including car model and license plate, driver name and contact information, and ETA.

Prices are calculated based on time and distance. They are subject to surcharges, tolls encountered during your trip, cancellation and wait times if applicable, and booking fees.

Hundreds of data points go into calculating an upfront price. It’s based on the estimated trip time, distance from origin to destination, time of day, route, and demand patterns. It also includes tolls, taxes, other fees, and surcharges.

Ratings go both ways. Some of the feedback we hear most often from drivers is to keep conversation friendly, respect their car and property, including not slamming doors when entering and exiting, and not distracting them while driving. For more advice, visit our Community Guidelines.

You can add up to 2 extra stops before or during your ride. Tap + next to the Where to? destination box to enter your address. Your price may be adjusted based on the time and distance of your destination.