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How much does a ride with the Uber app cost?

Plan your next trip with the price estimator. Know before you go, so there’s no math and no surprises.

Uber price estimator

Sample rider prices are estimates only and do not reflect variations due to discounts, geography, traffic delays, or other factors. Flat rates and minimum fees may apply. Actual prices for rides and scheduled rides may vary.

How prices are estimated

In most cities, your cost is calculated up front, before you confirm your ride. In others, you will see an estimated fare range. Here are some fees and factors that can affect your price:

The base rate is determined by the time and distance of a trip.

In your city, a flat fee might be added to each trip. It helps support operational, regulatory, and safety costs.

When there are more riders than available drivers, prices may temporarily increase until the marketplace is rebalanced.

Ways to ride in the area

  • Affordable rides, all to yourself

  • Send packages to friends & family

  • Newer cars with extra legroom

  • Request a ride by the hour to get around in a dedicated car

  • Affordable rides for groups up to 5

  • Temporarily unavailable


Sample price from Union Square to SFO

From Union Square to San Francisco International Airport (SFO), the ride is approximately 13 miles and about 16-22 minutes without traffic. Prices may change due to increased rider demand, discounts, or traffic conditions.

Sample price from Union Square to SFO





Uber Black

Booking fee






Additional cost per mile






Per-minute wait time






Minimum fare






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