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Cars to rent. Earnings to keep.

Rent a car from Fair to drive and earn with Uber. Pay as low as $195 per week, plus a refundable $195 deposit. Looking to drive for a while? Check out options for $130 week with a low start fee of just $500 dollars. ¹ ²

Available to drivers in Atlanta, Inland Empire (CA), Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area.

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Cars with low commitment

Sign up to drive with Uber, get your Fair car, and pay as you go. Weekly rentals have no long-term contracts so you can return it when you’re ready.

Ready for the road

Every car comes with Fair insurance, unlimited miles, basic maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and a limited warranty, so you can get in and go.

Frequently asked questions from Fair

The refundable deposit is a security deposit that will be charged to your payment method before picking up your car. It will carry over if you stay in the same car by extending, until you return it.

When you return your car, your deposit may be applied to any amounts owed to Fair, which can include past payments, damage or gas charges. Fair will email you a final bill showing the amount that will be refunded or any final charges outstanding. If you get a new car, you will need to submit a new security deposit.

You must use your own credit or debit card to pay.

Return your car before noon on the 8th day of your contract (for example, if you picked up on Monday, return it the following Monday before noon).

As long as you return it to a Fair Station at that time, you won’t be charged for the next week. Fair will email you a bill with the final charges.

You can return the car by the 8th day of your contract if you do not want to extend your rental. Keep in mind the minimum use period is 7 days. If you do not return the car by the end of the 7th day period, it will auto-renew for another 7 days and Fair will automatically charge your weekly payment. Also note that if you return your car before the 7th day period is over, your weekly payment will not be prorated.

Your Fair car is on a 7-day auto-renewal for up to 3 renewals totaling 28 days. If you’d like to stay in the car beyond 28 days, you should be able to sign a new contract directly in the Fair app if you service the car through the Fair maintenance plan.

If you do not wish to extend, simply bring your Fair car to the nearest Fair Station by no later than 12pm of the day after your contract ends (28 days).

If you do not return the vehicle as required, please note that Fair will have the right to recover the vehicle as allowed by law and the contract.

Auto liability insurance comes with limits of: $50,000 bodily injury per person/$100,000 bodily injury per accident/$50,000 property damage per accident while driving for personal use and collision comprehensive coverage with a $1,000 deductible.

Basic routine maintenance covers routine oil and filter changes, multi-point inspections, as well as tire rotations and topping off of fluids as needed.