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Drive with Uber

The United States needs drivers like you. Thousands of riders request Uber everyday—use your vehicle to cash in on the action.

New toll bridges

New toll bridges:

  • Abraham Lincoln Bridge (new bridge)
  • Kennedy Bridge
  • East End Bridge (new)

All Uber trips crossing one of these bridges will automatically add $4 to the rider's fare, which will be paid directly to you, the driver.

The toll amounts will automatically show on the receipt of any trip that crosses one of those bridges.

Bridge toll FAQ

  • GPS will indicate that your trip passed through one of the toll bridges, which will automatically initiate the charge to the rider.

  • As long as a rider is in your vehicle, you will be paid for each time you pass through a toll. Tolls are only applied while a rider is in your car.

  • Absolutely not. The full $4 will be passed on to you.

  • Tolls will be auto-applied to your trip. If you feel you are missing one, visit in-app support and navigate to “Fare Adjustment: request a toll review.” A support agent will review the fare for you to ensure you are properly compensated.

Support at every turn

We want every Uber trip to be hassle-free. So we’re here to help with account setup, fare adjustments, and more whenever you need it.

Refer drivers for extra cash

Invite friends and family to join the Uber community. Use your promo code when referring others, and you'll earn a reward after they complete a certain number of trips.

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