Driving with Uber
5 star pro tips

Want to know what makes a trip 5 stars? Get pro tips from highly rated driver-partners on how to provide great service to riders. Keep reading to learn more.

5 star pro tips

Riders and driver-partners both have the chance to provide a rating and comments at the end of a trip. This two-way feedback system allows Uber to maintain a safe and respectful environment for both riders and driver-partners.

We asked some of our highly rated riders and driver-partners what great service means to them. Here is what they had to say.

Before a trip

A clean car

Many driver-partners suggest cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis. Riders say they appreciate a clean-smelling car. Mild air fresheners can be helpful, but too many or strong scents may be overwhelming.


Start a trip only after the rider is safely in your vehicle. End a trip after you have arrived at the rider’s destination and come to a complete stop. This avoids confusion and ensures that fares are calculated correctly.

During the trip: driving tips

Safety first

Dangerous driving includes speeding, running stop signs, swerving in traffic, not using turn signals, accelerating too fast, braking too hard, or continuously changing lanes in traffic. As a safe and defensive driver, always follow traffic laws. Riders agree that this keeps them safe and makes them feel comfortable during each trip.

Determine the best route

Navigation apps may not give the most desirable route to a pickup location or destination. Ask riders if they have a preferred route for you to follow. Familiarize yourself with the city so you can make route suggestions. Driver-partners suggest choosing the navigation app you like most.

During the trip: in-car experience

Be polite

Not every rider wants to talk during their ride, but top partners usually offer a friendly greeting. Most riders prefer that phone calls be kept to a minimum during trips so you can focus on the road.

Choose media wisely

Top driver-partners ask riders if they would like to listen to music on their trip. If they do not have a preference, riders appreciate when your selection does not have any content that might be offensive.

After a trip

Check for items

Help riders remember to bring all their items. As they exit your vehicle, remind them to check that they've got everything.

What's my star rating?

Wondering where to see your current rating? You can view your current rating in the Ratings tab of the Uber Partner app. You can also view your star rating on your Uber Partner Dashboard.

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