मुख्य सामग्रीवर जा

Uploading your documents

Below, you'll find details on what documents are required in the signup process. You can submit your documents at a local Greenlight Hub or at partners.uber.com.

Required documents

  • Driver's License
  • Profile Photo
  • Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Contract Carriage Permit
  • Tourist Taxi Permit

Tips: uploading your documents

Make sure all required details are clearly visible

Ensure your document contains all required details before uploading. The entire document should be clearly visible.

Upload your driver's licence first

This will speed up the approval process when we need to cross-check your licence with other documents.

Upload one image or PDF at a time

If your information is spread across multiple pages, you can merge your documents through our support page.

Original documents only

We do not accept photocopied documents, so please make sure you only upload original documents.

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