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Inspections FAQ

Washington, DC

What you need to know about inspections in the DMV.

What to know


  • Why do I need an inspection?

    Local regulations require all drivers on the Uber platform to have a vehicle inspection on file in order to pick up riders in Virginia and Maryland. You can pickup riders in DC for 90 days and in Virginia for 30 days without an inspection.

  • What happens if I don’t get a vehicle inspection?

    • You cannot make pickups in Maryland at any time without a vehicle inspection.
    • You must have a VA inspection in order to make pickups in VA. However, you may make pickups in VA for 30 days prior to uploading proof of inspection.
    • You are able to make pickups in DC for 90 days without a vehicle inspection. If you do not upload a vehicle inspection after 90 days, you will not be able to receive requests in DC, Virginia, or Maryland.
  • Where can I get a vehicle inspection?

    We've partnered with stations around the DMV to offer free inspections. See above to find one convenient to you.

  • I just got a new vehicle, do I still need to get a vehicle inspection?

    Regulations require you to get a vehicle inspection to pick up riders in DC, MD, and VA, regardless of how new or old your vehicle is. Virginia and Maryland inspections will allow you pickup access in Maryland, Virginia and DC.

  • I got my inspection, now what do I do with it?

    Great! Tap here to upload it to your partner account.

Accepted proof of inspection

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