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Tips for 5-star trips

Earn higher ratings

We've listened to feedback from top driver-partners on how they provide great service to riders. Here are some tips to help you earn high ratings.

Learn the basics

  • Keep your car clean, well-maintained, and scent-free
  • Ask riders about a preferred route to a destination
  • Keep conversation polite, professional, and respectful
  • Dress professionally
  • Consider providing bottled water, snacks, gum, mints, and cell phone chargers

Tips from top driver-partners



  • Riders say they appreciate a clean-smelling car, but strong scents may be overwhelming
  • Arrive to the exact pickup location. Zoom into the rider’s pinned location by tapping twice on the map
  • Send a text or call for clarification if you’re having difficulty locating your rider


  • Start a trip only after the rider has confirmed his or her name and is safely in your vehicle
  • Greet riders but remember not every rider wants to chat
  • Ask riders if they would like to listen to music


  • Confirm where your rider would like to be dropped off
  • Offer to help with bags or luggage
  • End a trip after you've arrived at the rider's destination and the rider has exited your car
  • Check for items in case something is left behind

Interacting with riders

Know when to contact your rider

Top driver-partners suggest contacting riders only when necessary. You may decide to call a rider when:

  • The pickup location is unclear
  • You have been waiting a very long time
  • An item was left in your vehicle

Take extra steps to serve riders with disabilities

You can make all riders feel comfortable in your car by:

  • Asking how you can help, if you’re unsure
  • Handling wheelchairs and scooters carefully
  • Assisting riders if you’re able
  • Always allowing service animals in your car


App issue? We have your back

App issues are frustrating for everyone. If you’re experiencing technical difficulties:

  • Let you rider know what’s going on and communicate considerately
  • Stay calm, complete the ride if possible, and contact support so we can resolve your issue
  • Try not to cancel trip requests unless absolutely necessary
  • If you need to cancel a trip request, try to contact the rider ASAP