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Plan your trip and buy your ticket in the Uber app

Transit makes it easy to get real-time information in Denver and purchase your tickets in the Uber app, so you can find the best way there and go.

Plan your journey

Enter your destination to see real-time public transit options and step-by-step navigation to your destination.

Buy your ticket with a tap

After you plan your route you'll have the option to purchase a transit ticket from the app using your current Uber payment method.

Have your ticket ready when you are

Buying your pass in the app means no more lost tickets or lost time waiting in line at the kiosk.

“We share many of the same goals as the cities we serve: reducing individual car ownership, expanding transportation access, and helping governments plan transportation.”

—Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber CEO

Partnering with cities

Integrating public transit information into the app is just the beginning. See how we plan to partner with transit agencies to work toward cleaner, greener, less-congested cities.

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