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Partnership success stories

See how agencies across the country are creating better, more accessible experiences for riders.

Marin Transit: improving the experience and accessibility for paratransit riders

  • By tapping into both its existing fleet and Uber’s network of vehicles, Marin Transit used Uber technology to unlock same-day booking for seniors and paratransit riders, and created mobility and employment opportunities with first-mile/last-mile programs. Because Marin Transit was available in the Uber app, riders could now plan routes and request rides from their phones.

  • “We’re really excited about this partnership and the opportunity to provide an enhanced service, particularly to seniors and disabled people, to get around the county.”

    Nancy Whelan, General Manager, Marin Transit


Innovative public transportation at work

YRT: expanding service and efficiency

Combining paratransit with on-demand booking, York Region Transit bridged transportation gaps in rural communities outside of Toronto, increased ridership by 40%, and reduced trip times by 20%.

DART: more service coverage at less cost

Dallas Area Rapid Transit launched an on-demand service network across 16 of its service zones, giving riders more travel options while reducing the agency’s costs by over 50% by using Uber Pool.

RTD: going on-demand

Regional Transportation District offered on-demand paratransit services throughout Denver, allowing them to meet peak demand with a supplemental fleet and letting riders purchase tickets directly in the Uber app.

The COMET: reducing costs, raising equity

By replacing 12 low-performing bus routes with on-demand service, the COMET saved over $150,000 on its annual budget and launched ride programs for seniors and vaccine trips.

Innisfil Transit: serving the underserved

Innisfil Transit introduced cost-effective transit services to a town of 36,000 residents north of Toronto and partnered with local organizations to offer subsidized fares for low-income riders.

Cecil Transit: relief for those in recovery

Cecil Transit delivered on-demand services to residents of substance abuse recovery houses, resulting in greater access to employment-friendly late-night and early-morning rides.

“It has allowed services to truly commingle and offer travelers a reliable and seamless service during a time when nothing is certain.”

Sharon Doyle, Manager, Mobility Plus, York Region Transit

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