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How does route-based pricing help?

The route of a trip may factor into the upfront price. A route connects 2 places at a point in time. Price adjustments on a route are designed to expand access by making more trips more affordable.

Why are similar routes sometimes priced differently?

Route-based price adjustments are based on patterns in rider demand. For Uber Pool, we also consider the likelihood of a match with other riders. Our goal is to help more riders get where they want to go and create more opportunities for more drivers.

Lower-priced routes

On certain routes at certain times, lowering the price will attract more riders. In addition, Uber Pool riders may be more likely to match and share more of the cost. Based on these factors, we are able to serve more riders at lower prices and create more business for drivers.

Higher-priced routes

On other routes, small price changes do not change the number of riders we attract. Uber Pool prices may also be higher on routes where we do not expect riders to match as frequently. On these routes, riders receive smaller discounts or higher prices.

A sustainable way to expand access

As with most businesses, the amount Uber receives across different trips can vary. Our mix of routes, prices, shared rides matching, and the resulting Uber service fee keeps our marketplace reliable and operating sustainably.

Route-based prices benefit cities

Every ride that connects one part of a city to another helps spread opportunity. When our technology can help make a neighborhood more accessible with reliable service for riders, it opens up new earning opportunities for drivers too. We actively monitor these adjustments and strive to recognize and respond to any unintended impact.

Why set prices by route?

Doing so serves rider demand effectively, by making more rides affordable to riders for the routes they travel.

Understanding rider demand

Our understanding of a city improves over time as more people take more trips across different routes. We use this understanding to make better predictions about when and where riders will request rides.

Predicting discounts for shared rides

When more people take a shared ride on a specific route and time of day, more people can share the cost. Predictable cost savings enable lower prices on these routes, resulting in more trips and more business for drivers.

Some of the features described on this page do not apply or are not available in all US markets, including California and in markets outside of the US. As we work to improve the marketplace, we may test functionality and pricing in ways not described on this page.