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How and why do drivers earn extra?

We may offer extra earning opportunities to attract enough drivers when riders need them most.

Identifying the opportunities

Drivers may choose to pursue additional earning opportunities, when available, by driving at busy times and places, or by completing a set of trips over multiple days.

Consecutive Trips promotions

To make the network more reliable with lower wait times in the busiest areas at the busiest times of day, we sometimes offer drivers Consecutive Trips promotions. For example, a driver could earn an extra $10 on top of the fares they collect for completing 3 trips in a row during morning rush hour.

Quest promotions

Drivers may also earn extra by taking advantage of promotions for completing a certain number of trips over multiple days. The more trips they complete, the higher their potential to earn. For example, a driver could earn an extra $100 for completing 30 trips over 3 days. Or an extra $150 for completing 45 trips over 4 days.

How are driver promotions determined?

Driver promotions vary based on market factors, such as forecasted rider demand and driver availability. Uber usually offers opportunities to earn extra to limit anticipated market imbalance, such as during rush hour.

Some of the features described on this page do not apply or are not available in California and in markets outside of the US. As we work to improve the marketplace, we may test functionality and pricing in ways not described on this page.