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Higher education is within your reach

Higher education without the tuition

Undergraduate degrees

Choose from more than 80 undergraduate degree programs.

English-language courses

Improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Entrepreneurship program

Learn how to start, build, and run a successful business.

Meet drivers who have enrolled at ASU online


Family members welcome

You can use this opportunity for yourself or transfer it to an eligible spouse, domestic partner, child, sibling, parent, legal guardian, or dependent.

How to qualify

Unlock this opportunity when you complete 2,000 trips and reach Uber Pro Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status.

The road is yours

Frequently asked questions

  • Drivers who have achieved Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status through the Uber Pro program in the US and have completed 2,000 or more lifetime trips are eligible to receive full tuition coverage for online courses at Arizona State University (ASU).

    Qualifying drivers have the option to transfer this reward to an eligible family member, including a spouse or domestic partner, child or dependent, sibling, or parent or legal guardian.

  • To help the people you care about most pursue their dreams, qualified drivers can transfer the reward to a family member. You and your family will not have to pay any tuition cost for that family member. Family members include:

    • Spouse or domestic partner

    • Child

    • Sibling

    • Dependent

    • Parent or legal guardian

  • This is not a student loan or a reimbursement; your tuition is fully covered, upfront, by Uber.

    Qualified drivers or their eligible family members are responsible for paying for additional costs such as textbooks and annual taxes on the value of the tuition coverage. Taxes and textbook costs will vary based on the courses that you or your family member decides to participate in.

    If you choose to pursue an undergraduate degree through ASU online, you will be required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) during the enrollment process. This is not an application for a student loan or a reimbursement—this is an application that can show whether you qualify for federal grants and scholarships that are considered free gift aid and do not require repayment. If you complete FAFSA and find that you qualify for student loans, you can use them to pay for the additional fees not covered such as textbooks and other supplies (approximately $650 per semester).

  • Qualifying drivers or a family member can put their 100% tuition coverage toward 2 types of educational offerings:

    Credits toward an undergraduate degree

    You have access to more than 80 fully accredited degree programs offered through ASU online. The diploma and transcript earned online are identical to those earned on campus—all read “Arizona State University.” Online courses are taught by the same award-winning ASU faculty.

    If you are not initially admitted into an ASU online undergraduate degree program, qualifying drivers or a family member have access to ASU’s Earned Admission program, which is a series of courses that help prospective students gain admission into ASU.

    Continuing education courses in English language &/or Entrepreneurship

    For those not seeking a degree, ASU offers 2 types of continuing education programs fully online for qualifying drivers or a family member. For those seeking to improve their English language skills, you can enroll in an English Language Learning (ELL) course to improve your reading, writing, and speaking abilities. The ELL courses are offered at 8 different fluency levels based on your proficiency, and each course takes approximately 8 weeks to complete. For those looking to grow their entrepreneurial skill set, ASU developed a 5-course program exclusively for Uber that teaches the foundational skills necessary to start, grow, and manage your own business.

  • You remain eligible for tuition coverage as long as you maintain Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status. If your Uber Pro status changes to ‘Blue,’ you will have a 3-month grace period. You can regain eligibility for tuition coverage by requalifying for Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status. Tuition for all courses started while you are eligible will be covered, even if your eligibility subsequently lapses during the term of the class.

  • Uber Pro is a new rewards program for drivers that can help you reach your goals on and off the road. As you take trips and provide great service to riders, you earn points that count toward your Uber Pro status. As you reach higher status, you have the opportunity to unlock new rewards such as 100% tuition coverage at ASU online.

  • You can visit ASU’s website to learn more about your tuition coverage, the enrollment process, course offerings, and more.

    If you’re interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree, you can also call ASU directly at 844-369-6587 to speak with a dedicated enrollment coach who can answer any questions you may have. Mention your tuition coverage through Uber to get started.

Terms and conditions apply

Disclaimer: To receive 100% tuition coverage, you must have Uber Pro Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status and have completed 2,000 trips. Eligible family members only. Students are responsible for taxes, textbooks, and technology. Terms, conditions, and other limitations apply.