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Uploading your documents

To drive using the Driver app, you are required to upload certain documents to get your account set up. Refer to the information below when uploading each document.

Required documents

  • Driver's license
  • Vehicle insurance and registration
  • Background check
  • Profile photo


These documents are required across the US, but if you visit a local Greenlight Hub or review your city's local information, you can get potential additional requirements for driving on the Uber platform.

Tips for uploading your documents

Make sure all required details are clearly visible

Ensure that your document contains all required details before uploading. The entire document should be clearly visible.

Upload your driver's license first

This will speed up the approval process when we need to cross-check your license with other documents.

Upload one image or PDF at a time

You can go here to get more information about uploading your documents through the Driver app.

Original documents only

We do not accept photocopied documents, so please make sure you only upload original documents.

Portland business license

In order to drive with Uber, you must obtain a free Portland business license. You can create one by following these steps.

Step 1

  • Visit

  • Scroll to Businesses and select Register My Business

  • Select Sole Proprietor for Business Tax Entity Type
  • Select Social Security Number for ID Type
  • Enter your Social Security Number

Step 2

  • Enter your first and last name under Business Name
  • Select today’s date for Business Start Date
  • Select Oregon under State of Incorporation
  • Type RideShare under Business Activity Description
  • NAICS Code is not required

Step 3

Enter your Residential Address under Primary Business Location & tap Verify Address if prompted.

Step 4

Spouse Information is not required.

Step 5

Enter your Name, Email, and Phone Number under Primary Business Contact.

Step 6

  • Select Business Tax under Account Account Registration

  • Answer Yes to Business activity is conducted in the City of Portland

  • Answer Yes to Business activity is conducted in Multnomah County
  • Enter your Name, Email, and Phone Number under Business Tax Contact Information

Step 7

Attachments are not required.

Step 8

Create a unique username and password to enable online account access.

Step 9

Access the official Certificate of Compliance:

  • Sign into account on
  • Scroll down & select Request Certificate of Compliance
  • Press Submit & then press OK
  • Scroll down & to the right in the horizontal scroll bar, choose More
  • Scroll down & select Letters
  • Tap Certificate of Compliance and take a screenshot of the certificate