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Bike safety tips

Thinking of delivering food on a bike? Here are a few suggestions from safety experts and delivery people that you might want to read before you ride.

  • Uber’s Community Guidelines recommend that you find a helmet that fits properly if you’re riding a bike, motorcycle, or scooter. According to safety experts, helmets can help protect you when worn according to the manufacturer’s instructions: low on your forehead and snug under your chin.¹


Here are a few other useful tips from safety experts and the Driver app.

  • Before you start riding, say road safety experts, check your brakes, tires, and equipment, and familiarize yourself with local road laws.¹

  • Road safety experts say it’s best to ride where designated by local law for your safety and the safety of pedestrians around you.¹

  • You can choose to use bike-friendly navigation in the app by tapping the menu icon, followed by Account > App Settings > Navigation to select your preferred bike-friendly navigation.

  • Road safety experts recommend being aware of road hazards, like car doors opening.¹


¹Learn more here.

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