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Lacoste U.S. Open

Journey Ad Campaign

  • +30% brand awareness
  • +25% ad recall
  • 101.9 avg seconds of ad exposure

During the 2022 US Open, Lacoste drove brand awareness by serving targeted Journey Ads to luxury- and fashion-conscious tennis enthusiasts headed to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center and other destinations throughout New York City. The result? A campaign Grand Slam!

By targeting riders heading to and from the Open, each Journey Ad was served to the right riders on the right trips at the right times. The campaign in turn shattered Uber’s first-party benchmarks for CTR and average length of ad exposure. By capitalizing on a key brand moment and targeting hyper-relevant rider destinations, Lacoste also drove double-digit lifts in both brand awareness and ad recall.

MrBeast Burger

Journey Ads, Cartops and Uber Eats Promotions

  • 132 seconds avg time spent
  • 37% sales lift
  • 35% order lift

Uber partnered with MrBeast to launch the new concept chain MrBeast Burger using ads across Uber and Uber Eats. By capitalizing on MrBeast’s mobile and purchase-minded audience, the brand was launched successfully through a variety of surfaces.

On the Uber app, Journey Ads and Cartops offered a highly visible location-relevant message to riders and pedestrians alike. Within the Uber Eats app, Homepage Billboards drove engagement, and a custom email connected directly to consumers’ inboxes. In turn, the campaign reached MrBeast fans where they were most likely to purchase and engage.

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