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9 reasons it's easy to make money with Uber

If you have a driver’s license, it’s easy to make money with Uber. All you need is a car and smartphone—the app helps you with the rest. You’ll pick up passengers looking for rides and make money taking them to their destinations.

Interested? Here are nine reasons why Uber makes it easy to make money.

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1. Set your own hours

When you drive with Uber, you’re in charge of your schedule. If, when, where, and how long you drive is always up to you. So whether you want to drive all day, take the day off, or drive for a few hours, is your decision.

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"What job can you do that if your kid is sick, you don’t have to worry about calling in? You set your own hours, set your own goals."
- Monique, The Bronx

2. Work any time

Uber is available 24/7. So with the Uber driver app at your side, you can go online to make money whenever you want. Make money early in the morning, late at night, and anytime in between.

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"Uber can basically always fit into my day-to-day schedule because I can work when I want or physically can. Time is money, and Uber gives me the time...and the money."
- Drew, San Diego

3. Make more money during peak hours

When lots of people request rides, fares may go up to get more drivers on the road. Uber calls this dynamic pricing, and it gives you the chance to make even more money. So how will you know where to go? The app’s got you covered. A color-coded heat map shows exactly where to find the highest fares.

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4. Get paid instantly

You work hard to make money. So why wait to get paid? Transfer the money you’ve earned instantly into your bank account up to five times a day, directly from the app.

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5. Find work around the world

Riders can request Uber in hundreds of cities worldwide—more than any other ridesharing app. And over 75% of the US population lives where Uber operates. With so many places to drive, your ability to earn money behind the wheel won’t necessarily be affected by a move to a new place.

"Having the peace of mind and security of knowing that, whether I relocate at home or abroad, I will have the benefit of income from Uber, is very significant for me."
- Kia, Washington D.C.

6. Earn money your way

You don’t always need to give rides to make money with Uber. Drivers as young as 19 can deliver food and packages with UberEATS and UberRUSH. In fact, you don’t even need a car to make deliveries in many cities. A bike or scooter will work just fine.

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7. Manage your money

After every trip you complete, the fare you make gets added to your total daily and weekly earnings. This feature, which isn’t found in all ridesharing apps, makes it easy to keep track of your financial goals.

8. Get in-app directions

With in-app navigation, finding each rider’s location and destination is simple. Navigate with confidence using turn-by-turn directions provided in the app.

9. Rent or lease a car

If you don’t have a car, Uber can help you get one. It’s your car to use as you’d like and payments are deducted automatically from your earnings.

"They give you a list of dealers, you pick out your car, and within two days I was driving it. It was the easiest car lease I have ever done in my life."
- Evan, Los Angeles

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