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Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources and updates

The health and safety of the Uber community is always our priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID‑19) situation and are taking steps to help keep those that rely on our platform safe. Click here for more information.

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Introducing Uber Pro

Uber Pro is a driver-partner program that recognises your commitment and effort with rewards designed to help you reach your goals – on and off the road.

Drive your way to rewards

By driving with Uber, you earn points and unlock status tiers. The higher the tier, the more rewards you’ll have access to.

Earning points

You earn points during fixed 3-month periods. You’ll earn 1 point for each trip you complete during off-peak times and 5 points for each trip during peak times. Points reset after each period.

When you earn enough points to unlock the next status tier, you start enjoying your new rewards right away.

Continue enjoying rewards until the end of the next 3-month period by keeping your star rating above 4.7 and cancellation rate below 3%.

See the rewards

More for your effort

Different status tiers give access to different rewards. From fuel discounts, to seeing your trip duration and direction before accepting, and priority airport rematches at selected airports.

Support on and off the road

Driver-partners will still have access to 24/7 support and counselling services. Our Diamond tier partners will unlock exclusive access to Diamond phone support.

Please note that additional third-party terms and conditions may apply to certain rewards. For full program terms and conditions see here

Uber Pro Rewards*

Uber Pro Rewards*





BP fuel discount

Supercheap Auto discounts

Beaurepaires discounted tyres

Partner Support

24/7 support

2degrees discounts

See trip duration and direction

Priority airport rematch

Exclusive Diamond support

Redeem your rewards

To learn more about how to redeem rewards, visit the rewards section of your Uber Driver app. You can find more information and redeem the Supercheap Auto reward by clicking on the link below

  • BP

  • Supercheap Auto

  • Supercheap Auto

  • 2degrees Mobile


Top questions from driver-partners

  • With Uber Pro, there are four status tiers: Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. To reach Gold, Platinum or Diamond tiers, you’ll need to do two things:

    1. Earn points: Each tier has a certain number of points that you’ll need to reach in order to get access to that tier’s rewards. You earn points by completing trips.
    2. Keep your rating to 4.7 or above and cancellation rate to 3% or below.

    Points are accumulated over fixed 3-month periods (for example: 1 August to 31 October). When you earn enough points to reach each higher tier, you’ll unlock that tier’s rewards right away. You’ll keep access to those rewards for the remainder of the 3-month period and for the next 3-month period so long as you continue to meet the rating and cancellation rate criteria. Points will then reset at the start of each new 3-month period.

  • How do I earn points? If you receive a rating of 4 stars or below on a trip for a reason that is out of your control, like a bad GPS route or traffic, the rating will be excluded from your overall rating. See more about ratings protection.

  • Earn 5 points for each trip when you drive during the below hours:

    • Monday - Thursday, 7 am - 9 am and 5 pm - 7 pm
    • Friday, 7 am - 9 am and 4 pm - 11:59 pm
    • Saturday - Sunday, 12 am - 5 am and 9 am - 11:59 pm
  • If you complete a trip that either began during a 5-point hour or ended during a 5-point hour, you will receive 5 points for that trip.

  • You only receive points for trips that are completed. This means that you won’t earn points if a rider cancels your trip.

  • No, it’s completely free for Uber driver-partners to be part of the rewards program.

  • So long as you meet the rating and cancellation rate requirements, you can earn Gold status with 1,000 points, Platinum with 1,800 points and Diamond with 2,800 points. All driver-partners qualify for Blue status regardless of how many points they have or what their star rating and cancellation rate are.

  • If you unlock a new tier, you’ll get access to that tier’s rewards right away. You’ll keep access to those rewards for the remainder of the 3-month period and for the next 3-month period (again, so long as you continue to meet the rating and cancellation rate criteria).

  • If your rating drops below 4.7 or your cancellation rate rises above 3%, you will automatically be placed in the Blue tier. This means you’ll only have access to Blue rewards. As soon as you improve your rating or cancellation rate during the 3-month period, you’ll gain access to whatever tier your points qualify you for.

    For example, if you have 1,900 points, a 4.8 rating and a 4% cancellation rate, you will have access to Blue rewards. If you then decrease your cancellation rate to 3%, you will unlock Platinum status and rewards.

  • How many points you earn during each 3-month period determines what rewards you can access for the next 3-month period.

    For example, if you earned 1,900 points and kept a 4.8 rating and 3% cancellation rate from 1 August to 31 October, you’ll have access to Platinum rewards from 1 November to 31 January (as long as your driver rating and cancellation rate meet the requirements explained above). But if you earn 1,200 points from 1 November to 31 January, you’ll drop down from Platinum to Gold status for the 3-month period beginning 1 February.

  • Your cancellation rate looks at the number of trips you cancel compared to the total number of trips that you accept in the last 30 days (since you last took a trip). It does not include trips where the rider cancels.

    Your star rating is the average of the ratings provided by riders for your 500 most recent trips.

  • Each status tier has access to different rewards. You can see the full list of rewards at any time in the Rewards section of your Driver app.

  • Some rewards (like seeing the trip duration and direction before accepting a trip and priority airport rematch) are applied automatically as soon as you unlock them. To redeem other rewards (like fuel discounts and free coffee), head to the Rewards section of your Driver app.

  • We have now launched Uber Pro for delivery partners, a new rewards program built to help you reach your goals—on and off the road.

    Learn more about Uber Pro for delivery

  • You can keep track of your points and rewards at any time in the Rewards section of your Driver app.

  • Surge does not impact the number of points you earn. You will receive the same number of points for trips that have surge pricing as for trips that do not have surge pricing.

  • You will receive the same number of points per completed trip regardless of what type of trip - UberX, UberPool, Uber Comfort, Uber Premium, etc. Each UberPool drop-off will count as one completed trip.

  • Momentum was a loyalty program that Uber offered to driver-partners and delivery partners before the launch of Uber Pro and Uber Eats Pro. Whilst both programs promote earning points for completing trips or deliveries, Uber Pro offers more rewards and has different tiers and eligibility criteria.

  • You can find information about all of your rewards in the Rewards section of your Driver app. Simply go to your Profile, tap on your Uber Pro status, and then click on any of the rewards listed to find out more and access your in-app Pro card.

*Program rewards vary by location and are subject to change. Rewards described on this page may not be available in all cities where Uber Pro is available. See terms and conditions for complete details