Driving with Uber
Wait less, earn more

We're making your time on the Uber platform more efficient. Learn how to go directly from one dropoff to the next pickup without waiting.

Receiving ride requests during a trip

We understand that you go online to drive, not wait. To help you limit waiting time between trips, your app may automatically send new trip requests when you near the current trip's final destination.

If you accept a new trip request while on a route with a rider, you’ll be directed back to your current trip until it is complete. After you swipe END TRIP and rate your rider, your app will then direct you to your next pickup location.

Watch for no-wait trip requests

When you are on a trip, you may receive a request for your next trip. It looks like this:

app experience of no-wait trip requests

Don't worry! Your current trip won't be impacted by accepting the new request.

Why are back-to-back trips good for drivers?

This is a new feature that helps makes you more efficient while on the platform. With no-wait trip requests, you can go from one trip to the next, without the unnecessary downtime.

It's in your best interest to accept these requests so you don’t spend time (and gas) driving around waiting for the next trip.

What about riders?

No need to worry. Riders are notified in the app. Uber tells the next rider that you are the closest driver and that you are completing a trip nearby.

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