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Payments on Uber Eats

How it works

How the delivery fare is calculated

You will receive one pick up fee every time you go to a new restaurant. You will receive one drop-off fee for each separate order you deliver.


  • Pick-up: £1.40
  • Per mile: £1.50
  • Drop-off: £1.10

The minimum fare that you will receive for each delivery is £3.50. This £3.50 minimum fare is before Uber's service fee.

Depending on which method of transport you use, the following Uber service fee will apply on your fares:

  • Bicycle: 30%
  • Scooter: 25%
  • Car: 25%

Additional rewards

Don't forget that there may be additional rewards in place to maximise your payments.

How payments work

Each pay period begins on Monday at 4am and ends on the following Monday at 3:59am You will receive an email every Monday with a link to your pay statement. You can also log in to your Partner Dashboard at and click on ‘Pay Statements’ at the top to see each weekly statement.

Please always wait for your finalised payment statement before contacting support regarding a payment issue, as some payments from the week (e.g. incentives) are only added to your statement on Monday morning.

Payments are sent via direct deposit and should arrive in your bank account every Thursday/Friday. If you have not yet entered your banking information, you can do so securely at

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