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A guide to how earnings work

On this page, you can read about different opportunities for making money by delivering using the Uber Eats app. They can help you feel confident when using the app and hitting the road.*

A breakdown of how you earn

Promotions can help you find busy areas and times

Promotions can help you identify busy areas when there’s a high demand for delivery. High demand usually means there are more opportunities for delivery requests. And if you’d like, you can take advantage of multiple promotions at once. You can always check the map and Promotions section in the app for the latest offers.

Quest goals

What you earn

An extra cash reward on top of base fares and other offers

How you earn

If you complete the Quest goal within a certain time period, you’ll make extra money.

How to check for Quest

Tap the Promotions section of Trip Planner in the app for Quest goals. New goals may appear daily.

*Information provided on this page is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee earnings. Earnings structures may differ by city. Always check your city-specific website for the most accurate details on delivery fares in your city.

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