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Tips and tricks for the road

There's so much going on throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and we want to give you the tips and tricks to help you earn more. Read below to learn more and RSVP to meet us in-person for an information session.

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Uber SF Greenlight Hub

Located at 950 John Daly Blvd in Daly City, these sessions happen every Friday at 11am and 3pm. Click below to RSVP for this location.

Uber Oakland Greenlight Spot

Located at 8000 Edgewater Drive in Oakland, these sessions happen every Saturday at 10:30am and 4:30pm. Click below to RSVP for this location.

Tips + tricks

Helpful information for the road

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Get up-to-date information on big events happening throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Airports during the holidays

Holidays typically increase traffic at airports, especially at the beginning and end of the weekend.

Increased demand in bad weather

When it rains, we often see that demand will spike. Bad weather creates a great opportunity to earn.

Promotions + Surge


During times of high demand for rides, fares may increase to make sure those who need a ride can get one. For you, Surge means higher fares and a steady stream of ride requests. When you’re online, your app displays areas with high demand for rides in shades of red.

Surge rates are charged as a multiplier and apply to the base, time, and distance of the trip fare. For example, accepting a ride that is 1.3x surge means that your total trip fare will be 1.3x times the normal fare. Cancellation fees, tolls, and per-trip surcharges are not subject to surge pricing.


Boost is a guaranteed fare multiplier for all trips completed during a certain time and within a certain area. If the Surge multiple is greater than the Boost amount, you will always receive the higher multiplier!

You can always see what offers are available by visiting the Promotions Hub in your app. The Promotions Hub can be accessed under the "Earnings" tab.


Reach a trip goal to receive extra earnings. An example offer could look like:

  • Take 20 trips, earn $80
  • Take 65 trips, earn $180

Quest earnings are not cumulative and may have qualifying requirements, so be sure to check Promotions Hub for full offer details.

Saving you money

Perks + discounts

Save on fuel, phone plans, and local deals exclusive to Uber driver-partners. Simply show your Uber Driver app at any of the participating locations to claim your perks.

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We want every Uber trip to be hassle-free. So we're here to help with account setup, fare adjustments, and other questions that you may have.

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We're here for whatever you need. Get in-person support at an Uber Greenlight location in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and other Bay Area cities.

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