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Helping riders in wheelchairs or scooters

Knowing how to store wheelchairs and scooters helps people with limited mobility feel welcome and independent in your car.

What you can do

Ask before handling wheelchairs

Start by asking the rider how you can help. Follow their directions and be careful handling their wheelchair or scooter.

Folding a wheelchair

You can usually collapse the chair by pulling up from the middle of the seat and removing the foot rests. Learn more in the video.

Storing a wheelchair

Depending on the type of wheelchair, you may be able to fold it or disassemble it. Lifting the chair by the frame may make it easier to fold. See more in the video.

Storing a scooter

Small scooters can often be disassembled for storage. Lifting by the base can help you transfer it to and from your vehicle. Learn more in the video.


  • Learn how to store wheelchairs and scooters
  • Ask how you can help
  • Handle wheelchairs and scooters with care
  • Avoid touching a rider's wheelchair or scooter before asking
  • Avoid assuming what a rider can and cannot do

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