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NYC update:

As of April 1, 2019, we are not accepting new for-hire vehicle driver sign-ups in New York City, due in part to new TLC regulations.

Create an account to join the waitlist to drive with Uber in NYC, and consider other ways to earn with Uber, like delivering with Uber Eats or driving with Uber outside of the five boroughs.

New UberBLACK requirements

Vehicle criteria

Vehicles must be black on black, 2006 or newer, and meet the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission's (TLC) vehicle retirement rules. Find a list of approved vehicles below.

Trip criteria

Partners must complete a minimum of 100 trips on uberX, uberPOOL, or uberXL to be eligible for UberBLACK.

Rating criteria

Beginning January 4, 2017 all UberBLACK drivers will have to maintain a 4.80 rating or above.

Partner ratings are based on their most recent 500 rated trips. See pro tips on how to improve your rating below.

January, 2017

Eligibility details

On January 4, 2017, we’re launching a new, more premium UberBLACK. The new UberBLACK, based on thousands of partners' feedback, will reward partners for high ratings, and improve the quality of UberBLACK trips for riders by matching them with only top-rated partners.

  • Access for high ratings: To reward our top-rated partners, partners with a 4.80 rating or above in an UberBLACK vehicle will be eligible to drive UberBLACK
  • Options to use different Uber products: UberBLACK partners will have the option to accept only UberBLACK trips or uberX, uberPOOL, and/or uberXL trips in addition to UberBLACK trips
  • More demand from riders: With fewer partners who will qualify to drive UberBLACK and more rider promotions for UberBLACK, UberBLACK partners expect more trips
  • No more legacy: Access to UberBLACK will be based on merit, not on the date a partner joined Uber
  • No changes to price or vehicles: The current UberBLACK pricing and UberBLACK vehicle make and model requirements will not change
  • Your account must be in good standing, and any abuse of the partner rating system could impact your eligibility

Partners who do not meet the new UberBLACK criteria after January 4, 2017, will no longer be able to take UberBLACK trips and will only be dispatched uberX, uberPOOL, and/or uberXL trips until their rating is 4.80 or above.

How your rating is calculated

Your rating is an average of your most recent 500 trips

  • This applies to all trips (e.g. uberX, uberPOOL, uberXL, UberBLACK, and UberSUV)
  • Canceled trips do not count towards your rating

More high-rated trips help improve your rating

  • Since your rating is an average of your last 500 trips, the more 5-star trips you do, the more your rating will go up

Drive UberBLACK

How to qualify

Meet UberBLACK criteria

If you meet the vehicle, trip count, and 4.80 rating criteria for UberBLACK, you will have the option in your Uber partner app to receive UberBLACK trips.

Drive when you want

When you’re online you can choose to get dispatched all UberBLACK trips. Or you can also accept uberX, uberPOOL, and/or uberXL trips.

Maintain a 4.80 rating

To be able to continue to drive UberBLACK, partners will need to maintain a 4.80 or above rating. If your rating falls below 4.80 it will be reassessed after your next 50 trips for re-qualification.

Your UberBLACK Status

Understanding your rating

If your rating is below 4.80 before January 4, 2017:

If your rating is currently below 4.80, you have until January 4, 2017 to get your rating up. Your rating is based on your most recent 500 trips, so it will change as you do more trips. Check out our UberBLACK Guide for pro tips on how to get your rating up.

If your rating drops below 4.80 after January 4, 2017:

If your rating falls below 4.80 after gaining eligibility, you will have the chance to regain access to UberBLACK. After every 50 trips completed, ineligible partners will have their rating reassessed. If your rating (still based on their last 500 trips) is 4.80 or above, you will be eligible again.

Want to drive UberBLACK? See our UberBLACK Guide

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