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This page is intended as a self help for UberBLACK partners operating in New Orleans. If you don't see your question answered here, please submit it in the form below. If you have a question about a specific fare, please contact us through the app.

Top Questions

How do I add a new driver?

All drivers will need a valid driver's license, a limo CPNC operator's permit, and completed Uber background check (this is in addition to the city's background check).

To add a driver, log into with your owner profile. On the left hand side of the dashboard, select Drivers and then click the Add A Driver button. You will need to enter the driver's information. NOTE: it is important that the mobile number that you enter is the phone that the driver will use to contact clients. You also need to enter a valid email address that the driver will be able to receive in the event that there are questions about specific trips or quality questions.

After you have created the account, you and the driver will receive an email confirmation with a link to the Background Check consent form. It is important to complete this application as soon as possible. The background check typically takes 2-3 weeks once the driver's license is submitted.

You will also need to upload the driver's license and operator's permit.

Is my driver's background check complete?

The Uber background check typically takes 2-3 weeks to completed. A third party company called Checkr runs the background check and they may follow up via email to the driver's email address with questions or requests for additional documentation.

You can contact the background check company, Checkr, directly at:

Website: (if you want to see background check status or need to submit additional documentation)


Phone: 844-824-3257 (best time to call is 11:00am CST)

My driver can't log in?

Are your driver's documents AND vehicle documents up to date?

Log into and look at the driver's profile. You will see the status of each of their documents.

If your vehicle is missing or has expired documents, this will also prevent your driver from being able to sign in. To check this, click the Vehicles section in You will see the current status of each document for each of your vehicles. Upload any missing documents directly to your account. Please allow 24-48 hours for document approval.

Is there a pending incident or quality concern?

If there is any incident or quality issue that would result in the temporary or permanent deactivation of a driver, the driver will receive email communication with details and next steps. Please submit the issues and communicate with us through the app.

How do I change my driver's password, email address, or phone number?

If you need to change your driver's password, email address, or phone number, log into and click on "Drivers" and select the appropriate driver. Click "Edit" next to profile section you need to edit, enter the new information, and click "save".

How do I find out about a missing fare or how do I change an existing fare?

All fares over $200 will not appear on your dashboard until they are reviewed on Mondays. While most fares appear within a few minutes, it can take up to 24 hours for a fare to appear on your dashboard. If the fare still does not appear, contact us through your app and include all information about the fare including the driver, date and time of the trip, and any information about the route or client that you may have.

To request a fare adjustment for an existing fare, submit the issue through the driver's Uber Partner app. Go into Trip History, select the trip you'd like the fare adjustment to be considered for, and then click the "Need Help" button on the trip. You can then follow the prompts that best describe the situation for which you are requesting the adjustment.

How do I submit a new document, including MSY Decal, LPSC, City of New Orleans CPNC?

You can submit new or updated vehicle documents by logging into and click the Vehicles section. You will see the current status of each document for each of your vehicles.

If you want to change your vehicle's pickup eligibility, please submit a change through the app and include your primary email address, the license plate of the vehicle that you want to change, as well as a list of the areas where you would like to receive pickup requests. We currently support UberBLACK requests at MSY airport (with an MSY Decal), Jefferson Parish (with an LPSC), and Orleans Parish (with a New Orleans CPNC).

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