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Earnings Offers

Make the most of your time on the road

Learn about our driver promotions—designed to help you earn more. Check out Promotions Hub in the Earnings section of your Uber Partner app to see your current offers.

Guaranteed fare multipliers


Our most common and popular driver promotion, Boost is our first earnings offer to be integrated directly in the Uber Partner app.

With Boost, you will receive a guaranteed fare multiplier for all trips completed during a certain time and within a certain area.

If the surge multiple is greater than the boost amount, you will always receive the higher multiplier!

You can always see what offers are available by visiting the Promotions Hub in your app. The Promotions Hub can be accessed under the "Earnings" tab.

No opt-in is required!

Get a boost

How it works

Real-Time Receipts

No more waiting until Monday. You’ll see your Boost in every trip receipt in real-time. Know how much you earn, as you earn it.

Live Maps

See your Boost highlighted on the map whenever you're online. You'll always know where to go for the best earnings opportunities.

Promotions Hub

Scroll through the hub to see your Boosts for the week. No more waiting for emails or texts—your app will always have the latest offers.

Boost vs. Surge

With Boost, you'll always get the higher option. If Boost is more than surge, we'll top you up so you receive the Boost amount. If the current surge multiple is higher than the Boost, you'll receive the surge multiple instead.

Where to drive

Boost zones

What is a zone?

The Denver/Boulder area is split into different zones to help you know where and when to drive. Each zone will contain a different fare multiplier amount, called a Boost. When you pick up a rider, you will receive the Boost for that zone.

Find the zones in your app

In your app, there is a Live Map that shows the current Boosts for each zone. The amounts will change based on the time of day and day of the week, to show you when it's busiest. You can see what Boosts you are eligible for before you drive by checking the Promotions Hub in your app.

Do trips, earn more


Quests are the newest driver promotions available directly in your Uber Partner app.

With Quests, reach a certain trip goal and receive extra earnings. For example, complete 8 trips between 11pm - 3am for an extra $80.

Quests may have time / area requirements, so be sure to check Promotions Hub for full offer details.

Your Quest reward is not subject to the Uber Service Fee.

For extra special occasions

Other Promotions


Every completed trip gives you more chances to win! Sometimes it could be a cash prize of up to $1000, sometimes it could be an all-expenses-paid vacation to a city of your choice.


Take trips during certain times for your chance to win Denver Broncos tickets, skis, snowboards, sports jerseys, and more!

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