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Earnings Boost

Earnings Boost guarantees you a multiplied fare similar to surge for specific times and locations that are visible in app.

Qualification requirements

Geo requirement

  • Your trip request must begin in the boost geo identified on the map in your app during the specified day and time


You can earn 1.4x the fare for any trip requests you receive in geo #1 between 5:00pm - 5:30pm today


1.3x the fare for any trip requests in geos #2-5 between 5:00pm - 5:30pm today

Calculations and examples


  • Fare = base + distance + time
  • Boost = Fare * Boost Multiple
  • Total Fare (with Boost) = Fare + Boost


We see huge spikes in demand after football games, so we offered an earnings boost of 1.5x after the game from 3pm-5pm around the football stadium. Here is an example of a fare breakdown for a completed trip:

  • Base+Distance+Time = $12.90 Fare
  • Fare * 0.5 = $6.45 Boost
  • Total Fare = $19.35

More about Boosts

  • How do I get paid? You'll see your Earnings Boost in every trip receipt
  • How do I know where to drive to qualify for the Boosts? You'll see the Boost geos highlighted on the map whenever you're online
  • How do I know when Boosts are available? Scroll through your promotions tab in the app to see your Earnings Boosts for the week

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