Building a Better Lifestyle with Meridia

January 12, 2017 / New Jersey
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The challenges of parking, maintaining, and commuting in a car is enough to second-guess the need to own one in the first place, and our new partnership with New Jersey property management company Meridia aims to address these pain points head-on.

Beginning next week, new lease signers at participating Meridia properties will receive $100 in Uber credits, offering tenants an affordable and reliable alternative when traveling to and from their new homes.

We’ll also introduce new designated pickup and drop-off locations at each participating property, allowing tenants to request and connect with their drivers with ease.

“Our partnership with Uber is going to be a great convenience for tenants living in Meridia’s already transit-friendly communities,” said George M. Capodagli, CEO of Capodagli Property Company/Meridia. “Offering the first of its kind Uber designated pick-up/drop-off zones and rapid, round-the-clock Uber availability are a big part of what makes downtown living an attractive option for more and more people throughout New Jersey.”

Working directly with local organizations like Meridia allows us to create custom, innovative solutions for New Jersey residents. Together we can improve the communities in which we live and work, by connecting the people we care about to the people, places, and services they need.